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  1. Adam Summerhayes

    Riske might upset her

  2. Felipe Bahamondes Rojas

    Love you naomi from Haiti❤

  3. Juana Zalischi

    Bianca and noiami tennis open

  4. Sawma chhakchhuak

    Naomi osaka never give up..hard work

  5. hendrasdrtube

    What a shot, she is good

  6. Cong Zhi


  7. Mike Hunt

    If she can get a little more oomph on second serve and play this aggressive she will regain #1

  8. ritwik ahlawat

    Osaka was literally on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. nirbija

    Seems as if Osaka is getting her mind and her movement back.
    Now she is out to make out for lost time.
    Meanwhile, her old coach is failing to work his magic on his new charge.

  10. Stephen Snyder

    Cold as ice

  11. Daidi Fanta

    I want to see Osaka vs Andreescu

  12. miky68xx

    Naomi N 1, I love her

  13. S2610 S

    Such a boring match. Petkovic could have done so much more.


    Flawless Victory…>>>>>>

  15. Eyvindur C.


  16. Maggot Brain

    Commentator: Osaka is on fire. She controlled the fire calm and decicive. Like her father said: use your brain. She controls her shots, and her reaction is fast. Focus on the perfection of the return.

  17. apollos78tube

    Yes now that's much better! 🎾😉👍

  18. naturally gifted

    Brutal. 🕳

  19. Kaaun Hall

    Wow amazing game Osoka

  20. bigrobsydney

    Naomi was hitting very freely today, and going for the lines. Well played.

    Andrea…you really need to work on your serve. You are starting most service points already on the back foot, and especially against quality players like Naomi. Your serve speed was 130-140 kph on the FIRST serve. This is like Naomi's second serve. Also, with your discretionary shots, you are hitting uo the middle, and your opponent has very little movement to make. This lets the set up and put their shots where they want, meaning you are in trouble. Go for the lines, girl!

  21. Anne Perry

    The sound on these videos is terrible!!!!!

  22. robinrutschman

    2:32 "Devastating" the announcer says it all for this match…

  23. Zarchi Lin

    Love you Osaka
    My happened is you.Dear fighting

  24. Lincoln Eyar

    This focused and calm demeanour is what she needs exactly. Yes, queen!

  25. Miss Dior

    Good job💛Naomi🌸👏

  26. Nemo Spence

    Amazing Naomi!

  27. Ashutosh Mishra

    Pecktovic is a weaker version of Okasa. the latter does practically everything better and bigger.

  28. jef cergos

    I love when Naomi plays "I aint playing with these bitches" type tennis haha. Her challenge is to sustain it. Then it's a wrap.

  29. Tom O Mahony

    Osaka is looking great ahead of shenzhen

  30. Andyontherocks

    I look forward to the Osaka/Andreescu era! Coming Soon!

  31. なお

    VERY VERY strong Naomi !!

  32. dropshot118

    Osaka is making alot of balls. Whatever she is doing in practice, keep doing it!

  33. Diah Nuramy

    Well done Naomi, keep it up girls 💕💕💪💪👏👏👏🏆

  34. Anyanele Md

    Osaka, it seems you are not happy for winning so easily. Anyway, why are you not in that your signature costume?

  35. Eric Tyler Dés Phuong Xin

    poor petkodic

  36. Qasim Arshad

    Naomi is really giving me Steffi Graf vibes with her on court demeanour & how she hits her forehand

  37. Ooi Thaim Seng

    osaka yet to face a top opponent

  38. Cindy v

    Great job Naomi!



  40. JR 14

    Petkovic looks unhealthy; she needs to gain some weight.

    Osaka is playing great again, hopefully her slump is over.

  41. renato yap

    Osaka was on fire for sure. I don't think Petkovic could do much against her, but having said that. Is it me or does Petkovic have a hitch in her service motion? It doesn't seem very smooth and natural..

  42. Dominic Dominic

    Noami wasted 6 months with Jermaine allowing the likes of Bencin and putinvesa to owned her. I can’t wait to see her played Bencin again.

  43. beloved child#Godislove

    Such focus and control..👍naomi #welldone

  44. Moorish Brooklyn

    Amazing, amazing game play by Naomi.

  45. UnnaipolOruvan2015

    always want to see Osaka with this attitude & mindset. Showing aggressive attitude till win the game.(like Nadal without smile).

  46. Thendy ku

    Final : Osaka vs sabalenka…my wish

  47. Roger Lolamou

    Like the new approach keep it up Naomi.

  48. Victor Lupas

    Osaka Andreescu would be a dream match up

  49. Ron Miller

    Osaka looking so confident at the moment. Keep it up Queen!

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