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  1. ace razak

    Dat forehand down e line is beautiful.. Go Naomi! 😎

  2. Mike Foley

    Have admired Wozniacki for years…especially after that fool of a fiance dumped her over the phone. But she seems to be suffering some impairment from the rheumatoid arthritis she has. Amazing that she can play at all. Hope she can get a handle on the disease, perhaps even go in to remission.

  3. Sameer Singh


  4. TheRawBabe

    Hong Kong police are Chinazi army. They refuse to show badges but wear masks! Harass First Aids, murder protesters, delay treatments, pepper spray to news reporters, beating pedestrians, framing innocence, tear gas to peaceful crowd, beat up demonstrator 10 to 1, planting evidence, arrest local congressmen, lost control name calling in different Chinese dialects, etc. SHAME to dictator Xitler!

  5. Patricia Mbah

    Well played by both players

  6. Christoffer Henningsen

    Great Tournament by Osaka. But I am proud of Caroline. She has had such a bad year, but she finishes it off on a high. You have to remember that this was a Premier 5/Mandatory tournament, right under the slams. So tha Caro gets a spot among the 4 best, is a sign that she still plays remarkable tennis.

  7. Hiroki Mori

    Wozniacki's nice run was an unexpected (sorry) good news. She played well. That's why the match went very watchable.
    Unable to say since when, but this is Naomi Osaka 2.0. Surprisingly, she's revamped successfully everything from service to more aggressive net play. She knows what she's doing now. Positive outcomes lead her to playing more relaxed & allow her to maintain composure. "Push, push, push" was her previous strength, & now she's learned "push & pull". Changes in strategy/tactics-side too draw attention. She's picked up the level of her game towards the final. This is very interesting.

  8. c williams

    Congrats to Naomi for she is really proving to be a great tennis player who may become the next Serena and her prowess on the court…..Happy 22 nd Birthday!

  9. James Duncan

    Naomi is over the top…..

  10. PaulDA2000

    I have a question for anyone that’s knowledgeable on the subject. The players have to qualify with a certain number of points to be one of the eight to play in the year end championships. What if they don’t get eight people that qualify above the threshold? Do they just lower the threshold to let the rest of them in?

  11. paulmaking1980

    Osaka was awesome! That POWER from Osaka! Osaka POWER!

  12. All-Integral Love-Expansion

    Osaka is weird emotionless … how come???

  13. pukulu

    Osaka's powerful groundstrokes are at a higher level than those of Wozniacki.

  14. Wibowo Gunawan

    who thinks Naomi Osaka will win this turnament?

  15. Senzo Ncube

    What beautiful young lady, what a splendid athlete, what an awesome humble spirit, what a GREAT CHAMPION that the Fabulous NAOMI OSAKA is!!! I am so glad she is bouncing back in style!!! This match up with the equally talented Bianca, is going to be really amazing for the few years to come –probably a whole decade!!!

  16. Samhosh Vader

    Happy that white women lost.

  17. まる


  18. Briang Moh

    Pushniacki got this far due to her favorable draw. She should have gone home earlier.

  19. dropshot118

    Dayum Osaka…what a beatdown. The serve is untouchable and she got angles of monica seles!

  20. orihustat irohokoy


  21. Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez


  22. L hinkle

    Great job Osaka I'm so glad that you and Serena respect each other so much. You will win so many more GS.

  23. Truther11 Seeker

    Osaka backhand. Lethal.

  24. Raymond Hall

    Osaka is a great player, just wish she would smile occasionally.

  25. Notorious O.o

    What a Final it's going to be, current #1️⃣ vs former #1️⃣. Hopefully Osaka will bring her A game against Barty 'cause Barty doesn't give away free points easily unless her serve lets her down.


    Naomi the china champion

  27. Erik Winkler

    Shock….Woz lost.

  28. NvNmation

    ATP should learn how to make highlights of WTA

  29. Jim B

    Wozniacki should retire…this old hag.

  30. Preciouscinda Maila

    Naomi Osaka Really Looks Up To Serena Williams Because She Turns just like her in the end of her win

  31. Jaspergaming 288

    This match is like when you play nadal on clay

  32. tlaccord

    congrats osaka hopefully she keeps this style of attire looks good on her instead of the other tournament before.

  33. Kuker Oishii

    Amazing Naomi, congratulations. Go girl you can do it.

  34. Stephen Duquette

    Wazniaki kept sending the ball straight to Osaka who was standing center making it easy to hit left or right .

  35. 佐々木苗

    Healing Light !🍀!

  36. Moorish Brooklyn

    Amazing display of tennis.

  37. Shoty loves Stanimal channel

    I cannot believe Naomi had never beaten Caroline before! Welcome back to the final, Naomi!!!

  38. Poncho Gp

    @ 7.54 – did that person in the red track suit thinks he was working in a Chinese restaurant, so eager to clean up even before the player has even got their things together

  39. stanley billanes

    She needs to beat Barty in this tournament. And also she needs to beat Bencic on future matches. She can do all these stuff. Now her dad is the best coach for her. Great job Naomi.

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