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  1. Gabbie Hanna


  2. Naile Perovic

    if u are sitting like

  3. Victoria Hulse

    anyone else getting nicotine music video vibes??

  4. jay richardson

    Won't lie from a outsiders opinion 20 year old English #fucklogan this is a very good song

  5. Layla Jessica Hall

    We all thought it was a breakup🤦🏼‍♀️🥺

  6. Bust Your Nugget

    I'm not really a fan of Gabbies voice but this song brand me to TEARS. 💔👉😭😭

  7. Epik Hell Sword

    Toucan nose

  8. Argiris Rousis

    Still LOVE this song!

  9. kat liit

    So what if I'm the monSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR thats been here all along

  10. Jessica Gowans

    Omg knowing the plot twist changes everything when u hear it again

  11. uwu

    People when I'm shy and dont talk much: 0:41

  12. Lou

    "Can you tell me where we went wrong you can't tell me just move on" My best friend left me because his friends told him too…and I don't understand where I went wrong so I cried the whole day. He then made friends with me at the end of all the drama so I guess it's okay? But it still broke me inside

  13. AK-47Archer P

    I want to know how he died lmaoo 😂

  14. Victoria Alaheri

    2019 anyone?????

  15. Victoria Alaheri

    A bop

  16. Emery Tavery

    This song helps me with my dog fergoson he got hit by a car and this song helps with is deth

  17. Latata

    She could never make anything better than this

  18. auburnpayne

    Still your best song

  19. Withdrawn_ Illustrator

    Her tan lines 😂

  20. Kasey Bates

    Still my favorite

  21. Cam Shaw

    I felt this in my soul. Loosing someone you love is devastating😔…. I've lost many

  22. Quickle pickle The cat

    I think when I first enjoyed this song was when my friend issues started. Which is what caused my depression (at least a part of it). Although it was already probably starting by the end of school, summer is when I consider when it that dark time started. I haven’t listened to this song since, today is the first time I’ve listened to this song in months. And since then, I’ve had the feeling of fear, loneliness, and self harm destroy who I once was and now forms who I am today. I am much happier though, my pain doesn’t haunt me the same way anymore, and since then I’ve made many friends, found the people who keep me stable, and have come out as gay/lesbian. I do hope everyone here doesn’t go through that type of pain, and if you are right now, I hope it gets better sooner than later.

  23. Vanessa Natal

    Watching November 21 2019 🥰

  24. Amelia Crowder

    aha i remember when this came out and gabbie was unproblematic (COMPARED TO NOW LMAO SHE WAS STILL PROBLEMATIC JUST NOT AS MUCH AS NOW)

  25. user1234

    I think this song sounds the best out of all of them, but monster was just a meme from the start lol

  26. Amanda J F

    Ummmm why do the window look like the same ones from medicate?

  27. Kyra Serbedya

    I still love this song 💕

  28. YURIalter3gø

    gonna be honest, this looks more professional than her other music videos 💛

  29. Nicolette Zee

    Gabbie: Say what you mean out loud.
    Me, today on November 18th 2019: 😳

  30. Kat Graves 🌙

    I always come back to this song after you release a new song bc it truly is incredible to see how much you've grown and improved. That & I still love this song to pieces. It came out at a time that I was dealing with something that this song described perfectly.

    I am SO proud of you, Gabbie.
    Please never stop making music.

  31. Jodie Marie

    Don’t particularly love Gabbie but i fucking love this song

  32. dean mckenzie 2

    anyone here from 2020

  33. Isabelle Faust

    Who’s here after broken girls???…

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