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  1. Ashwin

    Frank plz have a discussion about JNU protests and subsidies in higher education.

  2. Searching Truth

    Great sync between Mr. Frank

    Katooch sir

    Embasdor sajanhaar
    And one that professor from jnu…

    Who tie all buttons of his shirt,,,I think Mr. Jagdish..

    And one former secretary Mr. Singh

  3. Searching Truth

    China encroached 50-60km area in arunachal pardesh,,, and me. Mandi is giving blowjob to xi..

    China Everytime block demand of India for loan at wto for arunachal pardesh development,,,, me. Mandi is busy in giving blowjob to xi…

    Japan asked India that it will give loan for development of arunachal pardesh,,, me. Mandi is giving deep throat to xi…

    Me. Mandi needs nothing just seat of PM and fake popularity,,he can sell even his mother for that..

    Democracy is totally dead under me. Mandi

  4. subham

    The summary of the entire debate at the end given by Frank is a good initiative as it sums up everything on the topic !!👍👍

  5. Abraham Rajashekar

    Frank is well knowledged about the matters he addresses

  6. A Singh

    PLA mole named "Vidya Sagar Rao" in the comment section, spreading venom and utter lies against India..
    This Stunning PLA rothchild is using the name of former governor of Maharashtra to pretend to be a Indian..

  7. Gautam Gunjan

    katoch sir is phenoemneal as always

  8. anuragprasad123

    we do not have to emulate any model from around the world blindly(without singling out china)..we can keep killing birds,animals and flora and fauna and pursue blind development or go for a more sustainable model, the choice is ours to make..praying for the latter..

  9. tilak das

    China occupied 50-60km of our territory in Arunachal Pradesh…..why they all are not mentioning about this!!!

  10. ARYAN !

    Thanks RSTV


    and what about choglagam (chineese encroachment in AP)
    even ap cm pema khundu claimed that our neighbor(china) blocking foreign investment in state.
    also why indian govt. not accepting japaneese agency who is willing to fund some investment despite chineese aggression.
    japaneese fm statement on AP who can join hand with indian govt for development of state. but it goes vain just after chineese reacts sharply on that.
    so many other matter also which cant write now, it would be too long like, US want an envoy in AP to support india but we just not want to anger china .
    tne big question is, are we coward, no
    and certainly not indian army, but my leadership whoever is in power also indian media (who are enemy of our country)

  12. Ritchie Rich

    Culturally we can connect on common grounds politically we are from 2 different worlds – Yet even in matter's of faith the CCP is terrified of India ! The origin of Kung Fu in the state run CCTV claims it goes back to Ancient China for them is 3-4 000 years back & is scripted in cave paintings – it's not uncommon for Communists to fabricate things to meet their ideology as the origins of Kung Fu are in the South of India , BodhiDharma took is across when he was invited to strengthen the weak Shaolin monks & gave them the 5 animal stances , this along with ALL Buddhist sacred places are in India , their beloved story " Journey to the West" incorporates Hanuman & is about Buddhists coming to India on pilgrimage. Any land that has the honour of being the place of spiritual enlightenment & history tends to be placed higher in those devotees minds ! Look Christianity – to the Israel is the holy Land & Jews are Yahweh's chosen race & all the holy sites associated with Christianity are found there & have to be preserved @ all costs ! Likewise with India & Buddhism- this posses a huge problem to the CCP – as it is modelled around a few thinking for the many , & if a nation starts to think differently , has a great respect for a foreign country , & believes that the land of their saviour has to be protected as pure – you have a problem ! CCP rules out of fear – it has created a fake Buddhist system as it knows it cannot rule over the hearts of it's people so the next step then it to control the land which is being worshipped/revered. Subtle manipulation & attempts to bully India – rash statements on Kashmir etc show that China is scared of Rising India ! China is also scared off all the land it stole from India being taken back. Nehru was a coward whose inactions have resulted in the muck we find ourselves in today ! Major made a good pint But as per my argument above CCP will never allow that volume to flow out as tourists to India – it's too dangerous , you will get a Chinese that comes back to China full off spiritual wisdom & that person cannot be controlled by Communism. we are seeing this with a group of CHinese whoa re Sadhguru followers , the numbers have increased & they are going back & getting more because the healings are real , the spiritual experience is real. Look back @ see what the CCP did to the Falun Gong practitioners : 1000's disappeared , body parts where harvested & sold !

  13. R S Dogra

    jai hind

  14. ScorHigh

    The Big Picture – India, China diplomatic ties

    Relations at the moment:

    Movement; broadened; enhance p to p economic ties grown; high-level exchanges regular; informal summit; meet 3-4 times a year- bilateral or multilateral forum

    Challenge: China not comfortable with Indian rise

    70th anniversary will provide a cushion to the bilateral relations

    multiple-entry visa granted by Inda for 5 years- increase tourism

    10 pilar agreement: to have a think tank, media forum, youth exchanges, sports, museum management, Chinese lang teachers in India etc.

    In multipolarity, both are working together.

    UN Charter and Non-interference policy

    SCO, EAS

    Economic: WTO- deals with Chinese where both fight for G7 countries.

    Informal Summits importance:

    enhances understanding.

    Areas of Divergence:

    Article 370



    Territorial dispute

    RCEP negotiations in Bangkok

    China's expectations from India:

    Alliance as seen in Hindi-Chini bhai bhai phase n the 1950s.

    stable periphery.

    Probably giving up Arunachal Pradesh too.

    India a partner in BRI

    Equal but differentiated responsibilties.

    India to join RCEP as that would have given China access to the Indian markets.

    China is concerned about the Indian Ocean and the Quad.


    The problems between Inda and China are difficult to be solved in the short run.

    Territorial dispute- a situation of hostility always.

    Indian rise- India competitor for China. China has consistently used Pakistan against India to confine India in South Asia.

    The number of Chinese tourists coming to Inda is much smaller.

    A basic gap in the core interests of both countries.

    Chinese economy suffering due to the ongoing Hongkong issues, Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province, US-China trade war which in turn is impacting the relations.

    4000 km undelineated border.

    Way forward:

    Manage the relationship. Maintain the status quo.

    Bridge trade deficit- $750 billion

    Level playing field- pharmaceuticals and software

    RCEP- equitable distribution. More justified manner

    Economic projects are undertaken.

    Realize CBMs.

    Promote tourism, education, spiritual visits esp on the Buddhist circuit.

  15. Vidya Sagar Rao

    26:53 economic projects to be undertaken – so basically we are begging from china now? and yet we want china to treat us as equals? how the hell is that possible ?

  16. Vidya Sagar Rao

    26:30 WE are not part of the RCEP – how can we ask for RCEP status when we have not signed the agreement – ? how is it possible ?

  17. Vidya Sagar Rao

    25:59 They should reduce the trade deficit – how ? try and export more stuff to china – rather than ask them to reduce we have to try and export more stuff to china – we need to go and see what are the requirements of the chinese market and try and produce those things.

  18. Vidya Sagar Rao

    22:24 The quad is no more – once china makes a deal with USA – India will be left high and dry to fend for itself when the deal is done and then India can do as much quad as we want – ALONE like the kurds good luck.

  19. Vidya Sagar Rao

    20:40 The muslim world is quite because they are not crushing muslims under a vehicle like it is happening in KAshmir

    in fact around 32 muslim nations sent delegates to China and said that they were satisfied of how muslims are treated in Xinjiang

    because only the terrorists have been arrested.

  20. Vidya Sagar Rao

    20:15 When the trade war started Xi jinping said – "we are going on a long march"

    Remember those words – when Mao went on a long march the soldiers marched over 6000 miles over a span of 370 days on foot ..

    Remember When morarji desai asked the nation for help – people came out and gave their jewellery for the nation during the war.

    That is the spirit the chinese have. Xi did not lie to his people and tell them that it was going to be ok. in fact when he said long march – he meant at least 10 years – have you seen the diversification being done… China is the only country growing by 6% even today. where as the whole world has started shrinking.

  21. Vidya Sagar Rao

    19:53 economy is suffering economy is suffering economy is suffering economy is suffering

    look at our economy – it is suffering even more

    look at the USA economy – it is even worse – because China is the biggest consumer in this world – if China suffers – everyone in this world suffers. you cannot win by trying to defeat china.

    if china loses everyone loses.

    China has a population of 1.4 billion and more than 500 million have disposable income that they are willing to spend

    we have a population of 1.3 billion but only 50 million of them have money to spend like the chinese – that is why when china gets a cold – the whole world gets a fever.

    but if India gets a cold – no one bothers because our consumer base is just 50 million or may be at the most 100 million.

  22. Vidya Sagar Rao

    19:30 Pharmaceuticals – it is ok with pharmaceuticals but it wants us indians to get the license – and follow the law of china – when you are dealing with medicine in USA or any other country you have to follow the law of the land

    and when it come to IT – it is ok with it products – it is not ok with IT personnel because it is a trade deal it is not a labor movement deal … similarly – you cannot simply go to europe and start working in europe no country in the world will allow people to come and work without a visa.

    TRADE – means trade of goods not trade of humans … there cannot be free movement of people – only free movement of goods.

  23. Vidya Sagar Rao

    19:17 – you say unfettered access to indian markets – but you fail to mentions the unfeterred access to chinese market we could have got – we wanted unfeterred access to their market but wanted to put restriction on them gaining access to our market – they did not agree … in fact we kept begging to give us some leeway they were even ready for some of the leeway but not all demands – now comes the question of wanting to be a super power – we want to be a super power but we are not ashamed to ask for favors – we want them to give us some handicap advantages – we are either a super power or we are not we cannot have it both ways – we cannot ask China for trade favors and at the same time expect China to treat us as equals. pakistan clearly says – we are not equals economically – we need your help militarily but philosophically we are equal – we are Iron brothers.

    we dont have to stoop that low like the pakistani's but then we should also not be seeking a war with them and behave like attack dogs for the USA.

  24. Vidya Sagar Rao

    19:13 you say china wanted India to join the RCEP and then we have at 12:01 someone in the same forum saying that China pulled a fast one on the RCEP.

    better get your talking points straight. you guys are not coordinating things properly … which one is it did it pull a fast one or did it want us to join the RCEP. the fact of the matter is that India tried and failed we tried to pull china into a war and we failed – USA created a trade war and it is loosing it … so we are scared of the present economic turndown and we are desperately trying to get back into china's good books … plain and simple

  25. Vidya Sagar Rao

    19:00 you mention chinese economy – have u taken a look at Indian economy – and its trajectory – at the same time have you looked at the Pakistani economy – and its trajectory after it joined CPEC … some of the CPEC projects are complete and have started generating revenue.

    look at our economy and not just China economy – it is still growing at 6% with a base of 15 trillion dollars

    our base is around 2 trillion and we are likely to go down to 4% growth rate … China is winning the trade war with USA and you are concerned about china economy – get over it. only a person who has no awareness of the facts will listen to this .

  26. Vidya Sagar Rao

    15:54 you mentions belt and road – but we are against the belt and road but we land up at every place that China builds something to gain benefits from that – we landed up at Sri Lanka to pick the low lying fruits of seeking commercial benefits from colombo port

    we landed up at oman to seek a project there where China is building a big city

    we are against someone doing something but we want economic benefits of that project

    China built Car manufacturing unit in South Africa – we landed up there to supply small machine and tooling projects there. basically we dont do anything of our own no large projects but we oppose the projects but at the same time land up at these projects to pick up the crumbs.

    If you want to be the so called super power – Take up your own project build roads and bridges and hospitals and industries like China is doing – that we cannot but we will talk big – Super power etc. how can we be a super power when your actions are like local power only? the only thing we are good at is opposing … take up initiative and build something and then show to the world that we have built something.
    we went to chabahar port and built half and then we did not have money – so we went to japan to ask for their help for financing – its like we just talk big but when it comes to doing stuff … we are silent.

  27. Vidya Sagar Rao

    12:01 What do you mean china pulled a fast one ?
    we did not want to join and we did not join – so where is the question of pulling a fast one?

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