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  1. Kyndal Harp

    You have really pretty feet!! 😂 They looked fantastic in those platforms especially!

  2. Samyra Alexander

    So informative, thank you! Do you pack a lot of face wash? I heard face wash in China includes skin whitener

  3. Melissa Mae Sweeney

    Great video! Cute outfits. Did you go through any moving companies, or did you pack light?

  4. Lydia G.

    This was really helpful Lauren! I will be studying abroad in China during the fall 2019 semester! I’m so excited! 😄

  5. Imani Bradshaw

    I loved this video!!!! I'm a brown plus size girl, Size 16-18, and size 10 shoe and planning on moving to Beijing in Aug. Your video was everything!!! I'm gonna subscribe!!! Thank you!!!

  6. Lolo

    where are you 🙁 hope everything is okay


    So I found your chanel. Im interviewing for a dance teaching job in china next month

  8. Christen Scalfano

    Loved those comfy looking black flats! Where did you get them?? Looking to purchase before moving to Shanghai in a few weeks.

  9. Challenges' Hunter

    Hi Lauren! Great video as usual. I have a question please: Would being a non-native speaker hinder me from getting a Z-visa to teach English in china ? We would really appreciate if you could do a video about it. Thank you😊


    I like the tan booties, where did you get those if you do not mind me asking?

  11. our box of chocolate

    I made sure to pack all of my clothes/ too. I am also a plus size woman and wear a size 9-9 1/2 shoe. I am in Tianjin.

  12. lejaders

    I wish this had existed before I'd come to China! I am the same size and have been here for about a month now, but packing was really difficult because there isn't a lot out there about packing for China as a plus size lady. <3 Thanks.

  13. Sophie Marceau My Goddess


  14. Marcus

    Real informative…Lauren. Don't wear them sandals to WANGFUJING tho…I'm telling you straight up 🤣🤣🤢🦂🕷.

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