Paper and environment

Just as the role of paper is as important to history as any other human activity, it is equally important to highlight the relationship between paper and the environment. Our continued irresponsible use of paper has had a negative impact on our environment. It can have a major impact on energy, landfill use, water and air pollution.

Our industrial papermaking approach affects the environment in two ways. The first is the paper making material to get and process raw materials to make quality paper, and the other is how we handle the paper we have used.

Almost all the paper we use is made of wood. 35% of all felled trees are used for paper production. Trees are not just for providing pulp for papermaking. It has other uses, one of which is to absorb rainwater and avoid floods and other natural disasters. The growing demand for paper has automatically increased the demand for felled trees. Today, unfortunately, some paper companies are constantly replacing trees or planting new trees. This makes our forest bald, very vulnerable to the anger of nature.

In addition to the collection of raw materials used for paper production, the paper consumption process was found to be harmful to the environment. Using a large paper milling machine consumes a lot of energy! If you save this energy, you can actually use it to illuminate the entire indigenous community living in remote provinces. Even closer to the family, it can even give the same energy to the energy consumers of urban dwellings. This will give us enough energy to keep us in the middle without having to pay for those expensive electricity bills.

After using paper that has been damaged in the production environment, the environment will once again be the victim of how we plan to dispose of the environment. Did you know that 35% of all our municipal solid waste is actually made up of paper or paper products? If we decide to be smarter when using this very important commodity, if we also learn to handle it properly, then we can save landfill usage. Like energy, the space occupied by these large amounts of paper waste can actually be used for other things. Things that should really be handled are no longer recyclable or reusable. We are scarce in landfills, so we should learn to use them wisely.

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