Paper-cut | Introduction (Hello China#76)

Chinese folk paper-cutting art [jian zhi] is considered to be one of the criteria for identifying smart women. It also expresses the blessings of the Chinese people for happiness and good luck.

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This video is part of our “Hello China” series, with more than 100 Chinese vocabulary representing the essence of Chinese traditional culture, reflecting its broad and profound nature from different perspectives, helping overseas people to better understand Chinese and Chinese culture.


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  1. Leaf Productions

    another epic video

  2. Pooey

    I've seen men do it more than women.

  3. Ethan Stone

    He Hong is the third-generation inheritor of He Family Papercutting. Born into a papercutting family, she is a direct descendant of He Zhizhang, a renowned poet during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). He started learning papercutting techniques from her father at 5 years old. She has since also learned other techniques from other teachers. http://www.eyeshenzhen.com

  4. 홍김


  5. Jurong Ipad4


  6. Julia L

    Well I think maybe if a dude could do this he's considered smart to me 🙂

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