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  1. Božena Jenček

    a happy day

  2. Bindu Kumari Karki

    Was this People are trying to say???

  3. erika indrajaya

    I am really excited for this conference! This will be a huge momentum in health care system

  4. GT911

    Why is it Alma-Ata 1978?

  5. David Bishai

    Love Shannon Barkley's comment: "Primary Health Care… is the best way to organize a health system."

  6. Vance H

    Sharing, Justice and Peace for All.

  7. Ελπιδα Δεμερτζίδου

    Μπραβο . Καζαχσταν

  8. Rabiul


  9. U tuber rs

    Nice one

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