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  1. Colin Graham

    Hey all, guess what? Women have a higher life expectancy than men.

  2. Ruby Parga

    Men, if you have any women in your life that you love, just shut up and listen. Stop trying to act like the system in place isn't faulty. Accepting our mistakes and failures helps us LEARN. Try it.

  3. Cooper Swenson

    01:58 – What's with this graphic? If you say women are 70% more likely to experience depression, you can't show 10 stick figures with seven of them being female and three being male (ie, it's not the same as 7/10 people with depression being female) – that would mean women were 133% more likely.

  4. Camilla Lundgren

    A LOT of triggered men here…

  5. zaburashaid abdullah

    Okay I agree with this but when you make a choice and telling the people that they are women and those are men. Are they discriminating? But the question is whether the women or men. The disease and the prescription of the women or the men really matter? After  watching the video I came to know that yes there is a difference in the symptoms and different in the results. My question is that if this continues or it has been like this for a period of time. How many people lost their lives because they didn’t receive the correct medication and treatment. Where we find the clues that who is wrong and who is right? Again question rises that why the science treats male and female in the same way? If there is a difference, and today we are discussing this what has science and the advancement in the medical doing for years? This is the basic thing which needs to address. Why this couldn’t address earlier. Who lost their lives who is responsible for them?

  6. Emily Nichols

    Why is it that women are misdiagnosed 30-50% of the time? Why is this not the same statistic for men? It is extremely unfair that not only do we get misdiagnosed, but we are often not taken as seriously about pain levels and such in the hospital, but a man will be. it is a wonderful fact to hear that they want to start specifying treatments for women, but will this help us be taken seriously? Modern medicine is quite literally a life saver, but it is also an eye opener. without it, we would be dying of every infection and in child birth. If i have an illness that is specific to my gender and my body type, should i be given the same harsh medications that would be given to a man? Why should i be given a treatment that might just make me worse because I can't process the drug the same way.

  7. Feminism is Cancer!

    ok got it: women are more special than men

  8. Lucia Gardey

    It is disgusting that women are misdiagnosed 30-50% of the time, but what about the men? How much do they get misdiagnosed? It is great that they want to focus on specifying treatments for women, and I support that, but this courtesy should be extended to men as well. Men deserve just as much as women do, and should also have research being done on specifying treatments for men.

  9. Adrian Jacobsen

    We can all stop heart disease and age-related diseases from happening. The simple solution is to stop vaccinating. We can lower our life expectancy to 30 to 35 years and make death by childbirth and infection the rule rather than the exeption, just as nature has dictated for thousands of years. Most people does not realise that they should really be dead, or never have been born if it wasn't for the science of soap and medicine. When we realise this it makes modern medicine look like a true miracle. It is important to know that we do not yet fully understand the human body, we have just scratched the surface. Age related diseases like this is something we have just barely started seeing and understanding. There is no magic wand.

  10. F U

    She looks like Umbridge.

  11. IMMentat

    In short. Don't label a talk "his and her" if you are only going to cover one side. Regardless if what side that is.

  12. IMMentat

    What could have been an interesting brief history of medicine and a "public" introduction of documented evidence that diseases are affecting each gender in different ways ended up as a mis-handled "women need more tests done" rallying call. Simple things like. 33% female animals in labs, what's the date of study? What were the figures 5-10 years ago? What type of testing is being done on both sexes to determine the core differences needed for diagnosis, treatment and prevention?
    When were the differences in diseases between sex specific symptoms discovered? How many corporations running testing facilities have already published their own papers looming into the deeper links between gender and disease links?
    As I said above, an interesting topic but the talk was lacking.

  13. Jamie Smith


  14. haemse

    Highly unscientific talk. In nearly very study they test men and women. In some, they don't analyze the difference, however for men and women! She promotes that women are neglected by saying that they don't do studies specifically for them. And there she completely misses men! So if there is a lack, than in the differential analyses between men and women.
    She hits the peek when she shows the circular diagram where she merges unclassified test animals with make ones … Very suggestive!

  15. K-power

    She is too femistic (And I am a girls). God!!. Both women and men are overseen in different points in medicine research. For example men with breast cancer aren't as valued as much as women with breast cancer. It went to the point where breast cancer is a woman thing and not a man and woman thing. Some people don't even know that men can get breast cancer. 

  16. TheFMAfanatic

    Wow, comments section.
    When she is talking about sex differences, she is literally talking about biology and the formation and behavior of cells in men and women. Its not a feminist ideal, its science.
    And no, the reason that men's health has NOT been left to chance as much as women's in these unbalanced or poorly defined clinical studies is because they are not done on gender neutral test subject!! If they test underrepresents women, or does not take into account the data from female test subjects, it just means that only the data from the men is being focused on.

    Yes, she does speak very broadly in her talk, but you guys are missing the point entirely. You associate "sex differences" with irrational feminist ideals when instead you should be taking in the new information and encorporating it into your own philosophies. This is science, folks.

  17. TheaDragonSpirit

    What about the health of men, If I was to do a same talk about men, I would get so much shit. Yet because for some reason unknown to me… women are still oppressed? No their not. Guys tend to ask for raises, there is no women's wage level. My point is women are not oppressed their just not greedy. And that isn't a bad thing. This crap is all about making a divide rather than bringing men and women together it implies that women need to fight the male oppressors?

    Maybe in some ways like industries with very little women in. But the idea that women or men need to work, and earn money is bull shit. If a woman is working than a man should be able to stay at home and look after the house. If they want too. All this is doing is making more problems. Kids are not looked after by parents anymore because their all wanting a career and some body to look after their kids, the connect between humans is degrading by the second and people have forgot how to work together. All this does is create more divides and more shite.

    Humans need to make sure they are treat fair, not equally. Fairly. Equally is bull shit. I don't expect a child to do as much as a man. I don't expect some women to do as much as men, and I don't expect men to do as much as some women. Fairness is looking at each person as an individual and working out what is right for them and stop trying to squeeze them in to some deluded capitalist economic model and start looking at people as humans and not statistics on your medical competition score charts. Let people live as families. Stop trying to turn people in to slaves. Ironically.

  18. Neko Naiami

    As always when someone speaks about female health there's a bunch of idiots chiming in asking "what about teh menzzzz". More studies have been done on male health than any other, and even more on white men. What makes certain people so insecure when another group's health is being considered? She doesn't have to consider your man feelings when she discusses the topic or give actual facts. We know a lot less about men of colour, white women and women of colour than we do about white men. Get over it, make some space.

  19. perfectflaw75

    I stopped watching the moment she started generalizing men and women. Too bad she conveniently overlooks the fact some women are in fact XY, and some men are XX.

  20. Cure4Living

    So…. did she say women have rat brains? But to be serious, I have no idea why you'd want to include gender distinction in animal trials. At best what you're looking at there is A) it isn't poison B) doesn't have any bad side effect C) it more or less does what you expected it to do. When moving on to human then gender distinction becomes more important. 

  21. Sean Mason

    Ted is so biased

  22. roidroid

    Sure is a lot of drooling idiots in the comments.
    You can tell, because they talk about "Feminism" as if it's anti-men.  No.
    I suggest just looking the word up and educating yourself on what it is, dictionary, google, wikipedia, whichever – just fuck off and read please.

  23. gedditoffme

    I've summarised this talk on TedSummaries com web site. I enjoyed it – though I too wonder if her point about research papers not investigating different data sets is because a) it was never analysed or b) there was no noticeable difference making the publication redundant. Findings relating to estrogen levels suppressing lung cancer could be helpful for both sexes.

  24. Cavin DeJordy

    Sidebar: I was totally happy with this presentation until she starts talking about how one sex is being discriminated against. If medical research is being conducted less effectively due to the differences in male and female subjects, isn't that hurting both sexes relatively equally? Suggestion: leave your hang ups at the door when addressing TED and the Internet. This was very fair and balanced until that instance where I went from intrigued to off put.

  25. Cavin DeJordy

    Until individual medicine becomes a reality, we will still be forced to categorize people by different physiological groups. It's good to see a champion for one of those groups, and hopefully they can follow her organization's example.

  26. Chris Klugh

    Lots of insecure boys leaving comments below.  Its a shame boys still feel threatened by women after all these years.  Its not their fault your lack of success at attaining women's attention leaves you feeling inadequate.  Keep your insecurities to yourselves, women are equal to men and there is nothing wrong with them being different from us.  Its what makes us different that makes us stronger.

  27. Liquid Wolf

    Far too much anger in the comments.
    This is a video from someone who wants to promote women's healthcare, and encourage more spending in women's health. They might convince people, and they might not. But no reason to get angry.

    As a male, I don't understand what set all these youtuber's off.

    Must be feelings, man… You'd think they were a bunch of whiny children.
    Quit throwing away free stuff because it isn't what you wanted.

  28. Owensh8ter

    Didnt need an MRi scan to know that bitches be moody as fuck.

  29. G. Ma

    Sounds impressive until you consider women live about 6 years longer then men on average. Yes, there's a gender gap, but not in the direction this speaker is arguing for.

  30. Peetwee37

    wtf is worng with the like bar?
    did the male viewers get moody because the video focused on womens health?

  31. HexerPsy

    I dont like all examples she gave…
    The heart artery thing is a relatively newly discovered thing. Before that, symptomes were different so it was thought to occur more often in men. As a result, its decreasing currently.
    Women's lung cancer was on the rise because of the increased use of cigarettes decades ago – smoking was a men's thing, before it was getting mainstream with women.
    As for decease, women's or men's lung cancer is no different. smoking is a high risk factor and because of late occurring symptoms, survival is low anyways. Best thing you can do is not smoke and not live by busy streets/high ways, male and female.

    Also i highly doubt they are not checking between women and men in data sets in research. However, its not interesting to publish every single data test in the papers. So i do think, for most research the difference between men and women is not significant – or it wouldve been in there in some form or the other.

  32. Dickon Springate

    I came because it was a TED talk, I left because it was BS, I unsubscribed because recently so many of them have been.

  33. Sicarius Aevita

    I don't care how many degrees in biology she has, I don't care how many speech awards she has won, what she is doing here is blatant demagoguery. 

    Of course, it is subtle. She is not 'Hitlering' it out there, and pandering to the glib and incurious of the planet, but she is using poor opinions backed up by specious sounding lies. Heck, I almost believed her at the 'Collective will and momentum', and many people probably did too. But then she said equal pay. And it was lost. I gave up. But others, those who clapped, they did not. They believed her.

    They believe her, because she provided some data. Well. The data was wrong. Look at the 70% thing. Utter crap. Look at it. Do some 1st grade math. It's not 70%.

    She is a great demagogue, I mean she convinced some of the smart people of the audience for crying out loud.
    But a biologist? No. A good chemist? No. Someone who should be looking into lives and health of human beings? No. 
    All she is doing is spouting some poor normative statements, specious sounding false empirical statements, and demagogueing using her own personal experiences to perpetuate the vendetta that is the foolish feminist faction against the world. 
    Humanitarian my ass. There was more in this video about how 'males get better treatment' and 'males get better pay', than there was biological evidence of the matter at hand.

    Now. I will admit that there is a discrepancy between healthcare standards in a FEW areas (like 2 areas) between men and woman. And this lady's speech may have been useful if she did not spend her time pandering to the feminists of the world, and actually discussed those areas…

  34. Ways of Learning

    A great call to science for better data! Healthy Socially Intelligent Dynamic Systems (SINDYS) need to be fair across the board and recognise differences in the populations! Especially gender!

  35. Tom Riddle

    Wow…TED needs to stop having people like this come on and give talks because what they are saying have no basis in reality whatsoever.

    Men on average die faster than women. Men die a lot more than women via workplace accidents. Men die a lot more and suffer a lot more from diseases except Alzheimer. The reason men do not suffer as much as women when it comes to Alzheimer is because we are already dead before it has a chance to happen. Men also get way less funding and help from practically everyone when it comes to male related health issues.

    & for some ridiculous reason, we still need to improve women's health ? Never mind the fact that women get more funding, get more support, die a lot less from diseases and live longer than men….

    TED should stop feminists from hijacking it and instilling this need for more and more and more and more for women.

    Any sane person who is humanitarian would look at the health dilemma men face worldwide as opposed to women's and agree that its high time we start focusing on making men's health better.

  36. SAsgarters

    "discover why these sex differences occur and to use that knowledge to improve the health of women".

    aaaand that's the point where I stopped the video. Why not use that knowledge to help both sexes or at least the one with the 6-10 year shorter life expectancy and 4 times higher suicide rate?

    Another case of the overprivileged helping the overprivileged becoming even more overprivileged.

  37. Maniacal Potato

    Things about men vs. women will never be the whole truth do to bias. This is why I hate 99% of humans (no, just because it is an odd number does not mean that I hate one more)

  38. David Zhang

    What I don't get is how are the cells different if the difference is with only one chromosome (I guess that's kind of minimizing the issue here, but regardless)? Does two X means that it produce a different phenotype then one X and one Y (personally I don't think that's the case, because the X/Y chromosomes just control sex determination, to my knowledge at least)? Is it because of different epigenetic markings between the somatic cells of the two sexes?

  39. Mr Xoxo69


  40. Aaron Matheson

    This talk is a bit sexist.

    Gender based medical research is not just for women when this information could benefit research for both sexes.

    I don't trust her statistics, and she doesn't show many of her sources.

    If medical researchers are really not storing the data that shows the sex of their subjects, than there are definitely a lot of other genetic factors being overlooked.

  41. Rum Dreg

    Because the huge amount of funding for women related diseases was not enough. Now you want to hoard it all.

  42. Alex Victoria

    This woman doesn't prove anything, it sounds to me like she is trying to create a scare that women aren't being properly looked after by their healthcare providers so that they go to her clinic instead. She provided some anecdotal "evidence" that men and women may be very different biologically, but failed to show how this was relevant to healthcare. 
    The point about estrogen helping women survive lung cancer proves nothing at all; only that women are at a natural advantage when it comes to surviving disease – which we already knew as women have longer life expectancy than men. It does not explain how this will help treat women with lung cancer, only why men are less likely to recover.
    And men and women responding to stress differently because of brain scans? So? How is this helpful in treating disease? Demonstrating in a very general way that men and women in one particular situation may react differently isn't problem solving.
    Also, I'd be interested to know where the women who have XY chromosomes fit into all of this? They're much more common than most people are aware and yet appear female in every way other than the Y chromosome. Is it really the case that we're different down to a cellular level?


    Why is it when meeting each other women kiss and men shake hands?

  44. Ryan Robinson

    she acts like men won't let women get proper treatment or diagnosis . like they are oppressing them.


    Stress is the ultimate causation of disease. Excess expression and the stimulated over-saturation of hormonal glucocorticoids are what affects the body, exploiting it and leading it in the direction of most of the diseases that we see today in Western society. Genetics are also an attributing factor.   

  46. godthisisannoying

    Anyone else getting a vibe of con from this talk? Here's hoping it's just body language not working in her favor.

  47. RavensOfMyFuneral

    oh look, an evil feminist

  48. EspadAmarilla

    Feminist agenda, once again. Fuck you.

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