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  1. hsmusicctba

    Thanks, along with all Pavarotti fans for uploading this video. We will never forget this beautiful voice and the sympathy of this great interpreter.

  2. nathalie bonargent

    que d'émotions à l'écoute de ce concert ! joie, bonheur mais aussi tristesse car cette voix n'est plus… heureusement il nous reste ces témoignages visuels et audios pour se souvenir pour toujours de Luciano !!!!

  3. Tabyr Earl

    I remember being at Miller outdoor theater at the age of 7-12 standing at the edge of the orchestra , my young heart knowing that ,inside those melodies , sounds ,is where I belong. Thank you Grandma , Florence Ness , for this gift you gave me. Love of music , of beauty. Thank you.. Pavarotti is wonderful.

  4. Marg Carter

    his voice makes one love him !

  5. Lisa A

    His voice was great

  6. Juliana Vivar Vera

    Intepretación que toca el alma

  7. Pedro Álvaro Nobre Dantas

    Obrigado,Euroarts Channel, por esse espetáculo!O grande Pavarotti, bravíssimo!!!!

  8. Giuseppe Burroni

    Is for me a very beautiful moment…In this Concert I play the Violin with Orchestra Theatre " Carlo Felice " Genoa – Italy ….I always remember this and I remember Beijing !!!!!! Pino.

  9. Giuseppe Burroni


  10. sun and moon

    i missed that old time china

  11. King's son

    fantástico, fantástico.

  12. G. Andrea Piras


  13. Will Martell

    Does anyone know why Pavarotti preferred working with Emerson Buckley so much?

  14. Gongdong Chen


  15. Bear Xu


  16. MrAndybroderick

    Thank you so much for this post

  17. Opera Lover

    Unique, simply unique! Grazie mille!

  18. bravaLiz

    This is all just too beautiful. I particularly love the Interlude from Cav. by Mascagni. I continue to live for moments like these. Mille Grazie!

  19. Mohsen Arambon

    Thank you for Up …


    Saudades desta bela e única voz.

  21. Berkan Adalar

    Eternal, unique voice!..

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