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  1. LiamN3108

    Good vid, I’m in Cyprus rn on holiday but the internet here is bad so I try and watch your vids to enjoy but it’s too laggy, flying home late Thursday and will get back early Friday so I can keep being consistent from then on

  2. LiamN3108

    As on arena it’s got the abilities always on, you should keep spamming the mini shroom as if ones ability is used it’ll use the ability of every mini Shroom on the map

  3. jonasdragonlord craig

    Quy games can u sub me I'm a fan 😁😁😁

  4. BlackAntoITA

    Guys pls stop asking about the Imp Pear, it will be available in a future tournament!

  5. pls poop on meh hed

    is the pear plant the new plant that it said in the news?

  6. The Zombie

    Peashooter + chomper= snap pea…………haha

  7. Odang simple sandbox mod apk 1.4.7 v15


  8. Armando Organista

    Very good ☺️👍

  9. Adam Mathews

    Dude so awesome

  10. QuyGames

    Peashooter Pvz2 Vs Torchwood Pvz 2 in Plants Vs Zombies 2 BattleZ: Gameplay 2019.

  11. Mr Magnet Shroom

    Where did you get that imp pear???

  12. jr plays on mobile 132

    Very good

  13. Armando PvZ

    very good

  14. juanes 5603

    Has por favor un maso con la planta de guisante de fuego por favor

  15. Liam Bailey

    im your biggest fan and how did you get that pear plant with the mustache costume?

  16. ion inceas


  17. Marwa Saied

    Peashooter + chomper= snap pea

  18. Kitty Playz :3

    Will there be a tournament for the pear thing

  19. Vincepro300 Dc

    HI FRIEND☺Nice to meet you!

  20. Ashley R

    This is not clickbait

  21. Tommy Howell


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