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  1. Katrina Torres

    These cats are dicks

  2. MasterMiller404

    I know since everybody realized this is racist they can’t have this in the live action version, but they have to have something with the Siamese cats, or maybe just cats

  3. Kam B

    How do you exclude this from the live action movie????

  4. Your Worst Nightmare

    how are they gonna drown a fish

  5. Daniel Budik

    Ok but why is it so catchy?

  6. ターニャ

    wow….yeah thats p racist

  7. Kk Moore

    This song gives me weird vibes bro

  8. João Antonio

    When disney was racist

    Dark times

  9. Declan Coughlin

    This song better be remade for the live action version, or so help me.

  10. Maeghan O’Neill

    i’ve always loved this song but now i realize how racist it is lol

  11. Drixenol86

    There will be a tail for you, a head for me.

  12. Eevee 1010

    Who's here after the lady an the tramp trailer?

  13. Nicholas Seaks

    The cats are jerks. Accurate.

  14. Hannah Elize

    I just saw the trailer.. and guess what.. they are replacing these wonderful cats with twin poodles…………………#ew

  15. I.C. Wiener

    hello i came from the live action remake trailer and i am sad

  16. Søren Dansker

    But this is somehow racist so they won’t be included in the 2019 live action

  17. Nikki Johnson

    i wonder how they’re going to spin this in the live action remake haha oh dear

    but i always loved the beginning instrumentals of this tune ever since i saw it around age 5


  18. Paul Garrett

    Cut from the remake because we live in the age of PC crybabies

  19. Jewel Star

    Now that is something I'm looking forward to see in the Lady and the Tramp Live Action 2019.

  20. El vlog de Carolina

    awwwwwwwww so cute
    (i know, i'm crazy, but i love cats)

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