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  1. 薄熙来

    On baidu MP3 search for: "躲也躲不了 叶倩文"

  2. toto13821

    Nobody knows where can I get the soundtrack ? Please

  3. pengyou19

    the best..this is the reason why I adore Brigitte Lin…so beautiful as a woman and so handsome as a man as well 😀

  4. ccrich100

    Who is the singer, please?

  5. Brian h

    @KristenLavrans haha, after one year now, perhaps you still can start something with it, the track name is
    躲也躲不了 by 叶倩文 (Sally Yeh)

  6. GGMacarthur

    @lonelywolf23786 it was the kung fu season or somthing wasnt it on 4 they had fong sai yuk 1 and 2 on b4 this one lol 🙂

  7. adentheblack

    The last time i saw this film was back in 1998 and it was on channel 4 , i have not seen it since , until now lol

  8. crumby

    Yes this is sally yeh. I think the name of the song is 躲也躲不了 "Can't Hide"

  9. andreas bayölken

    hi hi does anyone knows the tilte of this music and where can i find it?? i think it is sally yeh thanks obrigado mgoi

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