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  1. Steve Timmons

    I bet pain went back in show that Chinese juggler a little bit of the ol fire Rod trick if you know what I mean

  2. Triangles Too

    wow haven't seen this in forever.

  3. Kevin Jones

    beginning to look like america !

  4. Ninja

    Welcome to communism

  5. Mr Wilson

    they love that 3 of clubs dont they? lol

  6. Nibir

    Two aliens in Cathay.

  7. Denny Hostasa

    That ending was just wrong.

  8. Spidey Batsy

    Copperfield and Houdini are just for headlines. Penn and Teller really have a true dedication towards magic I haven't seen in any other magicians

  9. dupadupadoo69

    32:19 That Chinese juggler is now his wife.

  10. benneburg

    I want a show where Teller and Mr. Bean travel the world together

  11. ilmalocchio

    4:16 "Then where's my freaking trophy, Penn?"

  12. takineko

    Goes to China, sees kids being abused: "They're so dedicated"

  13. Matthew Antis

    This guys practiced so much he has jug burn on his head, thats commitment… nope thats just child abuse lol

  14. Bearberry McBearington

    lol, do these two french think penn and teller are german, or why are they saying "dankeschön"?

  15. Anand Kumar

    Love to China from India

  16. bike4peaceRTW

    I never realized how ugly Penn is until watching this and seeing him with his hair down.

  17. The Universe Galaxy

    I love it that they bring freedom and democracy to a school that is communist and forced then

  18. trina Stark

    These guys are, good they should have a show where magician perform and they'll try to guess how it's done

  19. Riko Saikawa

    china is awesome.

  20. Yaysun Alpha

    That juggler lady is amazing and beautiful!

  21. fire289

    do they not have central heating in that museum?

  22. Snake Plissken

    Imagine going to China and eating canned foods smh my head

  23. Lankey Bastard

    Chinese juggler women: "Yeah, ok, wow, you did it. Just please stop."

  24. Travis at inkedATTY

    The guy lighting the cig was scared he might get a fire kiss.

  25. Nicholas Chill

    I think that Penn and Teller are a bit egotistical. I still love them though. Great magicians!

  26. S my D, hoe!

    Fuck China.

  27. Jemiah DaPap

    20:00 sounds like “The Man Who Sold the World” MGS5 Phantom Pain flickers in my mind when the song hits.

  28. PongoXBongo

    The tricks are cool and all, but that constant percussion is annoying af.

  29. Epsilon Silver

    Ugly American.

  30. PaulyM856

    The juggler girl was so cute, open-minded, and cheery with them! I love it! XD

    Also, where can I find the intro on its own? That was too cute!!

  31. Jose Torres

    How to get a billion views. Go perform in China…

  32. og. eggplant

    1:16 "cock and balls"

  33. Magma Fang

    Get the chinese to build America's wall

  34. Samsuddin Zolcapli

    Fuck china

  35. DaX Oi

    11:50 That Marco Polo dude wasn't talking about (slight of hand) related "magic"
    he was talking about (black magic) and based on what i've seen he was right about some things, like not showering and disgusting personal care seems to be a requirement, it's not just in China, it's worldwide, but now they try to stay off the radar.
    of course today everyone with average IQ would assume it's like reading palms or cups or linking birth date with stars, understandable but wrong, and doesn't change the fact that it is real.
    and its effect can be easily mistaken for psychological disorders, making the treatment impossible since these people think of faith as a disorder, i've seen people treated by religious experts from it, either by disconnecting the knot a magician made, or reading verses on them, but only in Islam, i have little knowledge about other religions.

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