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  1. Vincent 58

    4:58 The offensive cyber operation against couldn’t work because they can’t even hack to Chinese Sever. Surely China shouldn’t do that, but they can and you can’t, cannot can be considered. IF US has the power to take down Chinese sever, then you can control China easily!!

  2. Vincent 58

    4:15 help US agriculture, really? Think, think before you talk!!! The US agriculture suffer from the starting of trade war. Just go on street and see how many people hate Trump

  3. Vincent 58

    4:02 if US never started trade war. Nothing will happen

  4. Vincent 58

    3:42 The reason why trade war started is because Trump want to make more money from China. This is what you called improve economics relationships? This is what you called respect??

  5. Vincent 58

    3:32 why improved economic relationship when US did so many bad thing to China?

  6. Vincent 58

    3:09 respect? then unbanned Huawei, already against US Constitution! Why don’t US stop anti-China propaganda in google and YouTube. This is also against the US Constitution. If you search HK in Google, the top shows all bias new about how China is gonna destroy HK. This is what you called respect to China??? Think before you even talk

  7. Vincent 58

    2:09 British never give people the freedom when HK was part of British. Free Northern Island why not. Where’s the freedom you talk about. And US where’s the freedom in Iraq????

  8. Vincent 58

    THIS VIDEO IS propaganda


    😂5.19 min of lies, have never seen so many wrong facts in one single video clip

  10. Joan Doe

    Some friendly advice to Mr Pence…..Don't stick your nose in China's affairs…. China will cut it off.……

  11. Cat Mi

    The original protest was the extradition law. 原本係反送中. Why changed to liberate Hong Kong with all the violence?為何轉型到處去暴衝光復香港?whomever has different opinions from the protesters/rioters, they will beat the person to the ground.這些示威人士/暴徒不容許有任何人有自己的意見否則就被打到倒地。 So this is considered democratic. 原來這樣才是民主。

  12. goprocbr

    What a cupcake.

  13. Albert Wee

    Since when is the US concerned about minorities, esp this current administration. Pure hypocrisy, turning blind to the violence in HK and encroaching into the sovereignty of another nation. Companies have a choice whether to do businesses with China, they are not force but greed makes them come. On the whole the US is losing their grip over the world and like a loser mentality is out to demonize their threat by all means possible at the expense of their moral and integrity.

  14. Retro Kid

    I have stopped watching and supporting the NBA since Kaepernick was kneeling, mainly because the NBA players share the same sediments

  15. slpip

    Sink all the China warships at South China Sea and then send the soldiers to Hong Kong.

  16. Anh Nguyen

    Look like he is reading script while he speak . Like Obama


    48 chinese dislikes his speech

  18. Tony Marano

    Out standing. Pence for 2024 !!!

  19. James Joe

    haha i love this! This is brilliant, the world needs to stand up against China, specifically the disgusting CCP. So many triggered uneducated mainlanders on this website, when their government does not even allow them to use this website, how tragically pathetic.

  20. Haha Hehe

    Save the Traditional Chinese culture. Kick out the Marxist gangsters

  21. Lim S.K

    Evil Americunt interupt other country business again

  22. chellvy

    Uhrrr… why this man keep talking sh*t? Go home and get a life!

  23. bungmokhtar kitai

    Free california, fight for freedom from US

  24. Elias J.

    This filthy pig & his country are helping the riots continue in China because they stopped being peaceful protests a long time ago

  25. Lee Lee Teo

    Pence does not seem to know a single thing b4 opening his month. Typical of US politicians.

  26. Richard Yang

    PENCE is lecturing CHINESE on human rights and religious freedom all while selling the Saudis US made weapons, blessing Israelis bulldozing Palestinians' homes and keep being silent on Catalonians wish to get independence from Spain and India cutting off mobile and internet service and cancelling Kashmir autonomy status.

    Should we all listen to these HYPOCRITES from the USA preaching their endless BIASED BS ?

  27. kent clark

    oh , pool baby.

  28. zhang tuo

    support Catalonia plz

  29. Edgar Edgar

    China curtailing liberty? Last we checked, Jimmy Sham was so free to fabricate fake news and fake videos that no one believed him anymore. Jimmy Sham took liberties to stage fake attacks against himself and fake his near-death experience to elicit public sympathy. But no one's buying their fakery anymore because even the US-sponsored rioters are sick and tired of these dirty politicians faking everything.

  30. Structured Gamer

    America killed Martin Luther king? And hung black people from tree's? WTF

  31. James Deng

    while US invaded middle east and killed how many muslims ? another example of hypocrisy democracy of America.

  32. simon ko

    The market will be down after listening to what he said !😱

  33. Johnny Smith

    Have respect for Iraq. Iraq does not want additional American troops withdrawal from Syria to go to Iraq. They the Iraqis just do not want you guys there.

  34. guang yang

    shut up.

  35. khaitsae

    Pence is another good liar. In China there is religious freedom as long as you are not trying to radicalize citizens to rebel against the government. No one knows the exact number of Uyghurs that were in re-education camps, many also have been released. Here's a recent video by numuves of peaceful Muslims practicing Islam in China.

  36. Optimus Prime

    US VP Pence is inciting and encouraging violent riots in HK. Talking about HK freedom when HK is rank #3 in freedom while USA is #17. Obviously Pence is a racist and spewing white superiority here.
    Pence didn’t even criticize the Iraqi security forces who killed over 150 protesters instead criticized China and HK when there’s no death in HK. Probably because Iraq is a US colony now 😂

  37. Ocean Liu


  38. Doug Bevins

    I've watched the NBA since it was shown only on tape delay and only during the finals over fifty years ago. I didn't like NBA "partnering" with gambling to enhance the income of owners in recent years, but damned if this isn't too offensive to be tolerated.

    Hong Kong residents were protesting having their trials moved hundred or thousands of miles away, which was one of the Intolerable Acts that American colonist rebelled over rather than accept. The right to a trial by a jury of one's peers is in our Constitution. Then the NBA and its stars criticize a free American for supporting the Hong Kong protests with his free speech. Now, the NBA are throwing Hong Kong protestors out their stadiums here in America. They are openly agents of the Chinese communist government suppressing free speech in America.

    Pence is right, perhaps for the first time in his life. I'll avoid the NBA like I avoid him.

  39. LCarlTBM x

    Capitalism doesnt believe in "human rights". Capitalist would and do profit from human right exploitation.

  40. Billy Jack

    The real problem for Hong Kong is that it will be governed by the Communist Mainland in 2047. Here is the history.

    Mainland is communist while Hong Kong has a limited democracy. Both share President Xi Jinping of China as their chief of state. However, each has its own head of government. At midnight on June 30/July 1, 1997, the crown colony of Hong Kong officially reverted to Chinese sovereignty, ending 156 years of British rule. Great Britain had acquired Hong Kong Island from China in 1842, when the Treaty of Nanking was signed at the end of the first Opium War (1839-42).

    "The Basic Law" came into effect on 1 July 1997 in Hong Kong when the sovereignty over Hong Kong was transferred from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China, replacing Hong Kong's colonial constitution of the Letters Patent and the Royal Instructions.

    The Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China is the constitution of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and a national law of the People's Republic of China comprising nine chapters, 160 articles and three annexes, the Basic Law was adopted on 4 April 1990 by the Seventh National People's Congress and signed by President Yang Shangkun.

    Under The Basic Law, Hong Kong would continue its capitalist system and way of life for 50 years after 1997, ending in 2047 and then coming under mainland's rule.

  41. Jarrod Yuki

    i wish i can chop those uyghur activists in america to pieces who spewing bullshit about china. rip out their tongues.

  42. M18 Hellcat

    I never purchase products from overbearing greedy businesses. As far as nike they can flounder and I could care less.

  43. May Ariani

    Chris Chapel' s YT < China Uncensored > gives the most precise analyze on US- HK- CHINA issues

  44. Brucescrew Betty

    Yes, support Hong Kong like how USA supports the Calalonians and the Chileans

  45. Yu Me

    Good job, Pence.

  46. Ken kenny

    Does Pence know the meaning of Curtail Liberty and Right?

  47. Comodo Vaz

    Pence for president 2020!

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