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  1. Wei Wang

    Why not focus on solving problems for people in the us? It seems There are more homeless in the us than in China. Drug addicts everywhere. Violence, shooting…. stop pointing at other countries problems. Learn from other countries good points. How about learning from China’s methods in helping hundreds of millions out of poverty, high speed rail, green energy, and many other accomplishments in the past 30 years. Why create conflict and hatred among different races?

  2. TechLiberator

    When you want to do business in China, you do so under Chinese rules. Same goes for the US, quit complaining Pence. If you don't like it, then pull out. Simple as that.

  3. Archnid 001

    your condoms are made in china

  4. michael douglas


  5. Teh Chuan

    Won't be surprise Mike pence underwear is make in China

  6. michaelfitz56

    Why attack a country for doing things that helps in the development it’s people and country. Just to show that there are some western countries just don’t care about the its people development

  7. Ng Soon Lee

    This arrogant white Prick mumbles with his mouth close. He has some chinese dicks stuck in his racist throat?

  8. lisa s


  9. Swift blind justice

    So, basketball is going to be the catalyst for world war 3?

  10. Steel Castle

    Will Pence now take Trump, Ivanka and the US Farmers for doing business with China too?
    Or is it treatment just for the NBA (a company that makes a lot of young black men multi-millionaires).

  11. Prof Grace

    China and Nike and Satanic Sports groups like the NBA — GOD is NOT happy with ANY of You and has not been for a very very very long time. You better SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT!! God Bless VP Mike Pence – thank you – God and Jesus LOVE LOVE LOVE VP PENCE – and God Bless America. Read:

    Dear Planetary People. I need your help TODAY!!!!

    Yesterday, I was: falsely and violently and inappropriately accused of "abuse" – by an American Filmmaker man = Sean Stone, yet THE TRUTH Is – he has "committed" NEGLECT = which, in America, is a Much more dangerous 'form' of abuse and IS – a HUGE-Human Crime. A Terrible terrible Crime!!! And HOW do I KNOW this? Well – I will tell You – I was a Social Worker, AFDC, in 1991-92 in Cuyahoga County, Cleveland. VERY difficult and depressing Job- VERY!!!! But – I always love a good challenge ya know – no- you prolly don't!!! Anyway — I learned and Observed very very very Well – the children Usually were "taken into custody" or removed from their homes and if lucky – placed foster homes – but most were returned to their "Neglectful" Humans (Parents). So = as a result of HUMAN NEGLECT, not abuse, as abuse gives the child attention, like my email communications to Sean Stone gave him LOTS and Lots of attention and He LOVED it – No Doubt – and he prolly stroked his sausage to many many many of my cute videos – for SURE- like TOTALLY!!! Anyway, "Human Neglect" – no matter the form – is the most evil-satanic human act you can Do – or Not Do – or "commit" = to and at = another human being — therefore it IS the WORST most disgusting pathetic high level Crime – a Human Being can Commit on Planet Earth. Makes Sense??!! It really should as it is NOT complicated!!!!! Sean Stone has 1000% NEGLECTED me = Prof Patti Grace – on = every single spiritual and physical and soul and mental – level – AND == every single chakra and strand of my DNA!!! Now that YOU all understand this – YOU MUST – by Law – Report Him – Sean Stone that is – to the Police, Santa Monica, his Hometown and place of Birth and it's a real shit-hole now – Santa Monica California, BTW and FYI. To repeat and clarify – TODAY! – You MUST report Sean Stone to the Police – it IS The Law – People – so you Better not Break it!!!! If You Know – which you DO Know = NOW = from Reading this — there is NO TURNING BACK so you MUST speak / voice THE TRUTH to the Santa Monica Police == an American-Mother-Goddess – has been repeatedly, (Satanically) NEGLECTED – for 2 years and 9 Months – now – ALMOST THREE YEARS OF NEGLECT!!!!!! — and if YOU fail to call the Police = YOU are breaking the law and God and Jesus will BOTH = Witness and Know your SIN in Broad Daylight!!!! TODAY! In conclusion -call the Santa Monica Police IMMEDIATELY – or you will in BIG BIG BIG Trouble. Also, if you feel inclined to email or phone Sean on his Cell – just to let him know what an asshole he IS – I have provided that too, for your convenience. I STRONGLY suggest you also email and phone him – TODAY – or it WILL be – Too Late!!! God and Jesus ARE watching People – Trust Me – I KNOW!!!! Time is Running OUT People!!!! Thank you in advance and your WELCOME – to ME – for this Incredible Opportunity to == DO The Right Thing – TODAY!!!!!! Before it is Too late.

    and BTW — I see Your Cell phones in these Videos – People!! — even in 3rd World Impoverished Nations – Ya Got them – so USE them well today and stop your whining and screaming and crying on Donald Trump's VOA – ya pimps and pussies! Thx

    Santa Monica Police: 1-310-395-9931

    Sean Stone cell: 1-310-849-1017
    email: scstone52@gmail.com

    and one more fun thing here – and you are WELCOME!!!! for this Fun Video of Mine = all you "pathetic, complacent, retarded, lame, lazy, whiney, etc etc – scumbag HUMANS" – many of whom are ILLEGALs and Dangerous Liars — in the USA – get the F OUT!!! GO BACK!!!! Even if it means going back to Pluto – or wherever your home Planet is. Find it and Get the F out!! I wasn't going to share my cute self on the Internet as my husband said last night, but this is a VERY Important example and a MUST SHARE; I made for President Trump in June anyway – not you; but lucky you gets to SEE Me – TODAY!!!! My Voice, Song and Dance = Have HUGE Purpose and Point – so UNDERSTAND it!!! and try achieving some of YOUR OWN = Purpose! and Stop being So Pathetic! Thx again. STOP EXPECTING AMERICA AND DONALD TRUMP TO SAVE YOU or PAY your WAY and LISTEN to your Whining and CRYING LIKE BABIES. Learn how to be your own "Land of the Free Home of the Brave" — and as we say in America = grow an F'n Backbone please – and a Straight one!!


  12. Sheng LI


  13. Catherine Westholt

    It is perfect for Trump and Ivanka to manufacture all of their products there, and for Ivanka to get special deals.

  14. 蔡英文狂操绿蛆

    This arrogant & pigheaded  imperialist Pence,  his father really should ejaculate onto the wall of his bedroom in one of the nights in the year of 1958, instead of cumming into his bitch mon's vagina….

  15. george plimpton

    Hypocrisy, the new morality.

  16. Joe ExtraKnow

    This guy needs to go!
    Next one Trump needs to get rid off is Pence.
    For last 40+ years we worked out US-CHINA relation and both and the world benefited greatly, and prospect. Now this guy messed up…..put down

  17. Qian Deng

    Sure, lets have all companies that have deals with China answer questions on "human rights" and "freedom" during media events shall we? I'm so excited to find out what will happen lol.

  18. Lola M

    Religious fool.

  19. dumb squaw

    fuk da nba!

  20. mambojazz1

    The first time ever I agree with Pence! He is so much better at lying than Trump!! Since, he doesnt give a DAMN about free speech or the freedoms of American citizens! Ask anyone that's LGBT!

  21. Dark Knight

    I thought republicans love communism? Until they don’t what a bunch of hypocrites

  22. K Jackson

    These men are making China hate us. If China, Russia & N. Korea gang up we are done with.

  23. CF. Zhang


  24. Ron G

    Shut up, Pence.

  25. Mikayla Hull

    I'm afraid you cant sayshit without fixing your own to faced b.s with Ukraine o and the whole Ivanka thing as well. Pick the stick out of your own eye thing

  26. Syrnian

    Hmmm, rebuke Ivank then. Funny how she was granted seven Chinese trademarks then daddy lifted the ZTE ban just days later. Her and daddy both have products made in China. Rebuke Don Don and Ivanka. Republican politicians are evil and rotten to the core. They are the party of Satan.

  27. Nicola Is my drug

    Don't buy it

  28. T Stelle

    Perhaps Mr Knight should stop having his shoes made by slave labor…

  29. LotWizzard

    kinda late there mister. not very much of anything made in america anymore

  30. a2soc

    I rebuke the trump administration for obstruction of justice, collusion with Russians, foreign money into American politics, The presidents personal gains from his businesses he still runs while being president, trump kids and Jared kushner making money of the presidents title, the Ukraine QUID PRO QUO, the women you paid off to be silent, the 60 stories buried by national inquire…. and I voted for trump. Wish I hadn’t. guess I’m human scum too.

  31. Stillone G.

    Doesn't his orange boss and daughter have business deals in China? Like that tie he's wearing.

  32. Irish Home DeeMob

    Does that include tRump and his family Mr. Apostate ?

  33. Ross Martinez III

    Does that include Ivanka Trump and all her contracts? Even pimped out her daughter, having her sing to Xi Jinping in Mandarin.

  34. frank k

    This is long overdue. Call a whore a whore. Boycott China.

  35. LegendaryWolf Shirou

    After Charles Barkley put him in his place NOW he want to say something😂😂

  36. no name

    Trump's civil asset forfeiture support means he loses my vote.

  37. Diane laughalot

    Sounds like fence is helping to make the United States a broke ass 3rd world country 😲

  38. larrysheetmetal


  39. L.L S.

    While we deal with China in other ways, why is government mouthing anti NBA rhetoric.

  40. Maury Steigman

    hey asshole….where do they make MAGA hats….jackass……your boss is dismantling our democaacy you just go along like the hypocrite and coward you , and Moscow Mitch..are…STFU

  41. Hud Nortè

    Funny how I wear Nike but I hate China 🇨🇳

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