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  1. zhli

    Trade war lost American agriculture products market in China, about $20 billion a year. What's been won? China is still growing, faster than American economy, and runs a big trade surplus against the US. 2% domestic economic growth can easily fall into a recession when trade war continues.

  2. Allen Z

    Online/social media now just bunch of echo chambers. Guess just human nature. So sad.

  3. Ted Wasserman

    Pence is smart enough to know he’s lying and decide to do it for his own ambitions. Trump has gotten nothing from China except raising taxes and adding to the deficit.

  4. Wei Wang

    Frog in a well. Open your eyes! Do you really know how China is like? How people are oppressed? Why don’t you pay back the debt you owe CHINESE people instead of using it on weapons. It makes me laugh how ignorant and arrogant some Americans are. Why don’t you people go to China to see?

  5. Jian Yu

    Hi Idiot Pence if we have the strongest economy in the world, why are we having record budget deficits under your stupid boss Trump? It doesn't make any sense other than you and Trump both are liars.

  6. Bill L

    "In the history of the world"? Pick up a history book, you may want to rephrase that. 😂😂😂

  7. Julie Edward

    Pence is right about China. The Chinese people have no freedom at all. They can't do and speak anything they like to without first reporting to the police. Everywhere that you travel in China you would be scrutinized. The people are so worried as to when their organs would be removed by force and when their assets would be forfeited for no reason. They have to report to the police whenever they want to access the internet and they are not allowed to learn foreign languages and anything about the Western value. 90% of the Chinese population still work as cheap labour in sweat factories and don't even have enough food to eat. I wonder how the people in China could bear with this kind of lives for so long. They are really pathetic and the world must do something to save them.

  8. Fearless 777

    We helped china more than anyone and they just wanted to screw us all this time, we wont take sh*t anymore.

  9. WK Chan

    Communist Capitalism?

  10. passtime for civilwar

    108- 1.9k =🤣 that's just sad.
    108 people think because they deserve other peoples money and feel entitled that they have the right to take from you. This is how sad trolls have become.

  11. art c


  12. Frank Mojiavio

    International agency will never let those thief and liar to mess and making intellectual violence in the world….

  13. Frank Mojiavio

    The thief of genies must be stopped

  14. Frank Mojiavio

    Sensitive infrastructure is must be enhanced by USA and global infrastructure needed also…..🧰📦👣🦷🌚🏈🏉🏒🏑🗺🗿🗻

  15. Janice Leighton

    His job gone bye bye soon

  16. 01466350

    ベンス副大統領 ありがとうございます。

  17. pompejio

    Activision Blizzard died for China….or shall I say their games.

  18. george le

    If u seek plain level with the China CCP you will be lose for sure.. What are you doing Xi?

  19. george le

    If u seek plain level with the China CCP you will be lose for sure.. What are you doing Xi?

  20. ste fun

    from Japan

  21. pollywanda


  22. Terry Quelet

    Ok. Do you think it will last? Republican tax policies led to the S+L crisis , the Great Depression,and the Great Recession. And the dot com. Bust. They never learn. Do we need more lessons? Our troops are not coming home. That is a lie.VP Dunce.

  23. Rei Shane

    The problem is if u.s is prepared for the consequence that ccp spit in your face while you reach your hand to them? in all respects it's very likely to happen.

  24. Grace Ho


  25. Patrick Swezey

    No we are 2 trillon in debt. More thsn any country


    Double standard

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