People's Music in a Miserable World: Marxist Criticism

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“Do you hear people singing? Singing the songs of angry men?” They are an unforgettable one in the film adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel “Les Miserables” in 2012. This song portrays a revolutionary appeal to the people, especially the poor, to fight for their rights. This review will focus on how the film conveys one of the social problems that France was difficult to solve in the 19th century – the oppression of the poor.

The film revolves around the story of Jean Valjean [Hugh Jackman], who confessed his crimes and wanted to change his life. Later in the story, he became the mayor of the town and a wealthy man, but he decided to use a different file because he was afraid of being completed again by Javert [Russell Crowe] and the police knew he had violated the terms of his parole. Later he discovered that one of his factory workers, Fang Ni [Anne Hathaway], was forced into the world of prostitution because her work was deprived. He is responsible for her death, which is why he agrees to take care of her child, Cossette, who lives with her greedy relatives. After many years, the Cossette is still under the care of Jean Valjean. She grew up in society and there have been various revolutions in social issues. The second half of the film shows how all deaths and other sacrifices are worthwhile and how conflicts in society are resolved.

The film mainly caused problems of social injustice. An example of this is Jean Valjean, who spent 19 years in prison, because he stole a loaf of bread to save his family from hunger. This only shows how irrelevant the law is for giving illogical punishment. Another example is that when Fantine was almost arrested because a rich man accused her of attacking him in practice, his false testimony was only the product of her rejection of his offer. This proves that the authorities support the rich more and give harsh and unfair treatment to the poor.

I have had some chance to watch this movie before, but I really didn't give it too much chance because I think I think it is boring. After I finally finished reading, I was proved to be wrong. The film left a mark on the audience. For those who choose to be blinded by ignorance, this is an eye-opener. It solves the way social conflicts have become a problem in the past, and it reminds us how we as society fail to end this because it is still a problem until today; things that most of us don’t even know . For me, this movie is really a work of art. It’s great to successfully deliver such powerful information.

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