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  1. China Uncensored

    YouTube had a person manually review this episode to determine it wasn't suitable for all advertisers.

  2. Bruce Willi Bruce

    cheap new show

  3. PLeat

    @0.46 quit yapping and take my order, I want General tso's chicken with shrimp fried rice

  4. Maxime Merlin

    It takes 30 seconds to go to baidu.com, type "pewdiepie" and see that he isn't banned at all.

  5. EauRouge

    They took the Taiwanese flag off of Maverick's flight jacket.

  6. PY T

    so do many comment or videos got banned in YouTube too. same same. if political views are not to the liking same treatment. no different.

  7. tan Jjin

    the great fire wall delay the news 4 months

  8. Varvec

    @4:28 best part

  9. Red haired Gangstah

    What China does now is kinda how the Nazi Hitler started before he conquered europe through military action.. If the west will not step up to this issue soon, the history may repeat itself.

  10. Daniel Malloy

    Yang sold life rafts

  11. Mark Joseph Solloso

    HAHHA xD

  12. Golden Flame

    Pewdiepie didn't got banned from china he is a liar!

  13. Golden Flame

    Pewdiepie didn't got banned from China he is a liar!

  14. G Joeye

    THANKS CHINA from india. #PewdiepieKaMaKaBhosda #PewdiepieKiMaaKiChut

  15. Rhelrahne Vi Satanis

    Countries just don't like Pewdiepie and especially the media people like CNN, The Guardian, Huffington Post ETC find him to basically be Hitler reincarnate along with Trump

  16. Vic Vos

    Consider doing a LetsPlay on April 1, that'd be funny. Especially something banned in China.

  17. joefromravenna

    Mainland Chinese may no more than they let on. Short wave radio is still an avenue for disseminating information.

  18. joefromravenna

    NBA = CCBBA (China Communists Bitches Basketball Association)

  19. Coffee Succubus

    2 things not new, first is.

  20. Lee M.

    Sigh, they're regrets this. This is Western slavery guised as " freedom"

  21. deee327ify

    Hmm i wonder why but Pewdiepie being banned was apparently fake news…

  22. Itachi Uchiha

    I subscribed a week ago. I come back to catch up on your content and notice that I have been unsubscribed? Hmm 😒

  23. D Flatt

    Re education camps for everyone!

  24. xinke lao

    If you good person; and you say the truth. You will be banned in china

  25. Powerboy 24

    China CCP has always been stealing US military secrets. but China people still don’t know the truth about dirty CCP.

  26. Eh_Dude

    Take a shot for every time Chris re-organizes his papers.

  27. Worldman

    #CataloniaIsSpain Good morning, China Uncensored. The reason why I'm
    currently sending you this message is due to the total difference
    between protests in Hong Kong and those in Catalonia here in Spain. It
    is a very long story to start telling you for now, so I want to beg all
    of you to try to make a call for all of your Hong Kong viewers to stand
    against to the pro-independence protests in Catalonia and, even, to burn
    the made-up flags of the "Republic of Catalonia". Currently I have
    noticed on the news that both China and Russia are taking these two
    protests to make believe their audicence that both of them are the same,
    but actually they are not. In Hong Kong, protesters are burning
    Communists flags, such as those from the Soviet Union and China, and
    waving the democratic ones because they want to oppose Chinese influence
    and nationalism. However, in the Spanish province of Catalonia a
    minority group of pro-independence radicals are burning democratic
    flags, such as those of Spain and the EU, while waving communists ones
    because they want to impose an ethno-linguistic nationalism segregating
    those who follow their radicalism from who stand agaist them. Knowing
    that both Russian and Chinese media are mixing these two protests to
    spread disinformation because of their interests, *I hope that all of
    you can appeal to all your HK viewers in order to burn those flags and
    stand against Catalan radical nationalism and stand in favour of Spain
    instead, so it can be taken as a slap in the face of Chinese and Russian
    propaganda*. Please, make this appeal so that Spanish media can notice
    that HK are in favour of them and agaisnt radical separatism in order to
    Spaniards to stand in favour of HK and, therefore, that the idea behind
    HK protests were not intoxicated by Russian and Chinese propaganda and
    nazionalist Catalan chauvinism. Thank you for reading.

    Here are some links to show you how Chinese and Russian propaganda are
    misinforming about this topic:

    A Spanish news covers how the Chinese media uses images from the
    protests in Catalonia to justify the violence in HK

    Russian bullshit TV misinformation about the protests:

  28. G TL

    Hey stupid American liar go see this video: PEWDIEPIE EXPOSED! Pew Lies about Ban in China – what a weasel – YouTube

  29. Ē Nihil

    It sucks they don’t have freedom of assembly in Hong Kong

  30. Kepano 808HI


  31. Xastur Speaks

    Chris Chappelle it is the people that matter that know the good work you do so don't sweat PewDiePie having more exposure of the same issues. To put this in PewDiePie speak: "Its cool, bros'.

  32. Slosh MaGee

    China needs to die in it's own little bubble.

  33. David Massey

    Obama did it again

  34. News Channel

    China is the future.

  35. jsl151850b

    I'd like "That might have worked… Four Months Ago!" to become a meme.

  36. Xastur Speaks

    Question: are the police in charge of the law. Do the police and not the people, govern who can come outside, let alone for what purpose. Answer: In a police state they do. Under martial law the military police do.

  37. Ronald Cheng

    Mainlander stabbing Hong konger in the neck and stomach and then telling Hong Kong is part of China? What a barbaric creature

  38. subuthi


  39. Dsleaz

    Thanks for posting for 7 years. Keep it up

  40. Cyber

    Those Hong Kongers are real morons, they are helping white people to destroy their own country and shame their own race.

  41. G M

    That "brought a tear to my eye" was the funniest thing he's ever said. And I've been watching this guy for a quarter of a million years.

  42. Vladmir Putin

    Haha Xi in ditch
    Die little bitch

  43. Demannu Resu

    0:19 first "blue water" sprayed on HK, then blue paper in show. Subtle.

  44. Nick J

    Shelly has an interesting sense of timing for informing you about embarrassing truths.

  45. Jeff Glenn

    Democrats are licking thier chops waiting to see how they can do this to America…

  46. Endy chung

    Free Hong Kong and let Hong Kong become a country. China is a cancer of the world.

  47. Alex Chengdu

    I would never go to china 0:05

  48. xMOSEScb

    Fuck China.

  49. michael preston

    Good, for that Swedish Meatheaded Sissy.

  50. Drake Dragon

    LOL, that one twitter guy that bans everyone they don't like…yea.. I ran across those.

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