"Pharaoh" – Freestyle Trap Beat | Free New Rap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2019 | Nuxe #Instrumentals

1038 – "Pharaoh" – Freestyle Trap Beats | Free New Rap Rap Hip Hop Instrument 2019, provided by Australian producer Nuxe. #Instrumentals | Buy [Free….

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  1. Rujay

    Share your opinion with us and let us know where you’re watching from! 🌎
    Who can write the best lyrics for this? 🎧✍️ Let’s see them in the comments!
    🎶 Beat Tempo – 150 BPM.

    This beat is available here – https://Rujay.co.uk

  2. DIZZY D

    Damn man this beat is fire!🔥 Never been to Egypt before but this is how there trap should sound like. I like the sounds you use. Also the kicks are really nice! I’ve just posted my first beat yesterday. Maybe if you have the time you can check it out and give me some tips. I would really appreciate it! Keep up what you doing! 💯

  3. Netak Rap Music


  4. eskeleto702

    Recently subscribed, and loving your content!

  5. Md Sohan

    ভাই এটা কি গানের টন বুঝবো কিভাবে

  6. Tre Whittaker

    Before I leave the house
    I grab my glocc

    Sun down don't come
    Around bcuz he gonna
    Duck from them dots

    Every hitta gotta a splitta so
    We play bingo for his top

    I'll be dammed if I ever stop

    My pops said I should of been a doc so I went

    And bought a Glock then started flying down tha block

    So come and get your
    yearly shots

  7. Tre Whittaker

    I suck at rappin but here I go lemme Kno wat y'all think

  8. Ryan The Flash

    Rujay El Rey🔥👑


    Firé Broo excelente beat🔥🔥

  10. Kingtswagger

    Dang bro 😂🔥

  11. Jordan texting videos

    Not bad song really good beat like it keep up the great work rujuy beats

  12. GBkn1ght

    This is fucking great by the way.

  13. Yung Hustle

    Don't like a dummy
    Or get your head wrapped up like a mummy
    Cause life ain't fair bro
    But I don't think negative
    Ergo, you see me drippin in gold like a pharaoh
    Used to skip back to back classes, now I just spit crack to the masses laying wid the prettiest lasses
    The greatest like cassius
    Moving bricks with whips
    Extended clips
    For offended pricks
    Cause my dick stay in they girls lips

  14. Noah Sigly

    I don't like it……

    I download it 🔥

  15. Noah Sigly

    Insane beat diversity

  16. Enes Bakirci

    maan u awesome . i got a murder song. gonna record it tuesday on your beat . LU

  17. Maitin SöùlbØys

    Rujay 👑


    Ok ok. .. let me get this 🔥🔥🔥🚀

  19. Khali on da beat

    I enjoy hearing this

  20. Name it I’m grind boy2019


  21. Anthony Thompson

    Litt I like it it's fire dude 🔥 🔥 🔥

  22. Malagor SS


  23. jimjin taekook

    freestyle on the beat
    you can't handle the heat
    u smell like old feet
    play this shit on repeat
    u scared I can hear ya heartbeat yuh

  24. StillStandingProductions!


  25. Armaketo Marcinjo


  26. Nara Santos


  27. ayoub maliki

    Ooo goooood hip-hop

  28. Rap Beats RB

    Dope Beat

  29. Big Toasty

    Longest minute ever

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