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  1. mikhael Albany

    Who agrees to make Megalovania the gamer national anthem?

  2. don't check this channel area 501

    Dat holy music burnt my phone
    Now i am watching on a potato

  3. Vini Pawar

    Did anyone notice how he almost never talks in his videos and now he is?

  4. Tuna Hano

    My violin is 300 dollars

  5. Gerardl Vardogh

    1:04 Opening – Annfibia

  6. samurai TV


  7. Orson Bäcker

    Dude youa are incredible
    How can someone play the Violin so good?
    No joke, i never saw someone, that was as good as this.

  8. Galaxy The Gamer

    Memes are everywhere, you know!

  9. くらきねはんちゃんねる


  10. Rex The Red Riot

    Now you played Megalovania 17 times


    what a collection sir shout out pls is sub long time ago about 1 year

  12. Arya Parab

    It's not only the 10 million dollars.Its his beautiful skills


    This is quite incredible. That violin was crafted by a human but now is older than any human. That violin has seen so much, it has seen culture evolve. And now it is introduced to the most recent culture. Memes.

  14. Kevin Gabriel

    The last of us

  15. monstr Byts

    The past decade just flashed before my eyes

  16. Thiago Ferreira

    Dear, give me a violin ;-; please

  17. ๖ζ͜͡ Yachi-Wachi

    Next video: playing meme music on a $100m string.

  18. Antero Escobar

    Podrías hacer los piratas del Caribe versión violin 🎻

  19. XtreemCh1LL


  20. KOeGERA '

    Hey, u could try play some ARK Survival Evolved theme (just a suggestion)

  21. Yuvan Pradhan

    Rob: shows up at the Thomas Metzler shop
    Employee: "Ah shit here we go again"

  22. SuperCool_Saiyan

    Man he really wants to buy this violin cuz he is milking the fuck out of it and I love it

  23. Joyful Young

    I love your music

  24. theDragoon007

    if he doesnt heart this comment he's gay

  25. Lampròs The Brony Archivist

    I'm guessing he had to cut the Thomas theme out for copyright.

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