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  1. Jonathan Linderman

    put it at 1.25x speed

  2. Viktor Engkvist

    Dancing lizard

  3. end of my wits rn

    this shit fire

  4. ashmacandcheese

    You gotta stay in this town for a while just to bop, this tune is a jam

  5. Zedrik Allen


  6. evil potato

    Damn I’m really back here in 2019 it feels like just yesterday 😢

  7. Pretendo Nintendo

    I hope people know this miusiv is based on uS hip hop

  8. Axeliaa __

    In my opinion Sumo, BW, and XY have the best music.

  9. BlueBisharp28

    the place i went after finishing my 87k encounters shiny hunt

  10. Scott Tink

    This song makes me imagine clay and crashes wake having a arm wrestle

  11. Scott Tink

    Clay will always be my favorite gym leader

  12. Superblobby

    This town has the most Texan gym leader ever

  13. Quya Luna

    It makes me feel happy for some reason, as well as SASSY.

  14. timetoendmylife

    i fucking love it

  15. Palmtop Studios

    00:06 Is it just me or does that sound kinda like Crash Bandicoot?

  16. mf2002

    AKA Mario Forever World 11-1 music 😛

  17. Dessa

    I can't get enough of that COWBELL

  18. John the Addictive


  19. Muhammad Jhumka

    I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who despise this music. But the remix is a whole different story.

  20. Hyper Chompflower PVZ

    Sounds like a Chinese-style music. I like it. And it have a beautiful bass!

  21. Kiwi

    Why does Pokemon B/W have all the best music!?

  22. Dino Philip

    I love this music

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