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  1. Boon The Noob

    3 years old: ARCEUS I CHOOSE YOU!!

    Enemy pokemon: … did u get captured from a kid…

    Aceus: shut up..

  2. Anthony

    I used to listen to this when I was 8 years old, now I’m 19, it feels so weird

  3. Buket Rembert

    for some reason, I can hear oof

    like if you heard it too

  4. Serasia

    You cannot grasp the true form of Arceus!

  5. Lifetime Stream

    Heared this is in top 10/15 scariest Pokémon music ever.

  6. King of Pie

    You caught god!
    Did you? Or did you just catch one of its many faces? Or one of its… Thousands of hands?
    An… Avatar if you will.
    You didn't catch poke-god. You caught one of poke-gods tools. And only because it let you.

  7. Kely Dias

    Awesome music

  8. Tyler Parke

    Arceus knows you hacked the game to get the Azure Flute…

  9. Filthy King K Rool main

    Groudon Kyogre and Rayquaza called, they want their drums back

  10. True Townsend

    arceus, the god of all Pokemon, can destroy and fix anything in its path…gets beaten by a level 1 rattata

  11. Zennec Fox

    Oddly enough, it only fits Arceus well at 2x speed.

  12. Elit3Blaze

    I caught Arceus with a Pokeball with no weakening required 😡

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