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  1. ProudDeplorablePatriot


  2. Bubbajay

    oh BS. this conclusion assumes voters are upset that they liked being fined for not buying shitty healthcare. i dont think so.

  3. Recon Smith

    California Uneducated Socialist propaganda machine at work.

  4. JustWasted3HoursHere

    I don't understand why people would be upset at House Republicans just because they had full control of government for two years (House, Senate and presidency) and accomplished nothing in the way of healthcare….

  5. AntwonDaBusiness

    Can we get a major “F” going for this old post? Who the fuck runs that dog and pony show over there? Jesus Christ

  6. Ashley Drew Jackson

    They wanna pretend this is current… cause they got nuttin.

  7. Hank Logsdon

    That was 1994 what does it have to do with 2020?

  8. First Last

    What planet is this silly writer from?

  9. Adam Weatherall

    This was due to the assault weapons ban no one put any merit into the health plan as it clearly wasn't thought out as Hillary was given it's charge rather than an elected official.

  10. get lost

    L.A times = fake trash news

  11. Patrick Banks

    2 year old "News" . . . FAKE ! ! trying to get Demonrats to start thinking about voting now! XD

  12. Radicalsoybean FarmerJoe!

    Put down the meth pipe LA times!

  13. Tears_Of_Asariel

    disliked and reported (for being misleading)

  14. Radicalsoybean FarmerJoe!

    You should work on your homeless and then start reporting news after, " capiche?"

  15. Jeff Ray

    Lolol bills days are numbered

  16. KiTT FOXXE


  17. Jive Honkey

    Breaking news- if you take advice from L.A. you will become a diseased 3rd world warzone.

  18. M G

    The LA Times is officially a part of the DNC.

  19. SupaNami

    You fucking leftest are trying everything you can … LMFAO, this shit is OLD NEWS!!!

  20. Titty Twister

    Go home Los Angeles Times, you're drunk again!!

  21. Eros Kaw

    hey, tell Patrick to call me. he is messing up big time.

  22. garin fl

    Let's repost this 2 year old video and hope nobody will notice

  23. Carl Malone

    Gop healthcare plan……die and send all your money to Putin.

  24. L B

    Old news isn't news….its olds….

  25. Genius1107

    Trump 2020

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