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  1. Mary Broadcast

    great video, have a look at my channel too. Thx! Cheers Mary

  2. Madoka Starpunch


  3. Byron Black

    Ah. I think you may have to explain to some of our younger readers what the word "tape" refers to. I recall with great clarity my early wasted youth, aluminium splicing block and sticky white splicing tape, working on little wild fillum tracks to present along with my wonky films. Never bothered cutting up video except to extract some gnarled bits that had gotten churned and crumpled in the mechanism. Didn't want any loose emulsion clogging those hard-working little heads.

  4. Byron Black

    Jeez, what a lot of work! (From a guy who has mis-spent his waning years editing 16mm film and narrow-gauge video) What editing program did you use? Very precise and very clean. Love it.

  5. aminozuur

    big fan of the freckles 🙂

  6. 200odd300

    lol awsome

  7. Kat Garcia

    HAHAHA. Thanks to Ashton for tweeting this.xD

  8. HackerX5

    Ashton haha.

  9. insimilecupitre

    ashton lol thank this was pretty cool

  10. Catrisa IsAmazing


  11. monkeylking

    you have a lot of freckles

  12. MsSarcasticAss

    did she die?

  13. Bob William


  14. Jonathan Cook

    Reminds me of Einstuerzende Neubauten's "Partynummer" (Party Number) with lyrics of "ah hey hey" over and over and the sound of flashbulbs pinging.

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