Position Music – Satorius (2011 – "Orchestral Series 6: Vendetta" – Jo Blankenburg)

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  1. Charles H



    🇧🇷 👍👍👍 GOSTEI. Obrigada por compartilhar. 👏👏👏👏👏 ( trinta e três )

  3. Axel B

    this is when nasus with 800 stack at 30 min go to the nexus


    Thanks for getting back to me. Recently started restoration on 1990 300zx
    Since you have done a lot yourself thought you were who I wanted to talk with. My email is joelhosking@ gmail. Com so if you don't mind could we communicate that way. It's easy then this. By the way your video made me feel like I'm not wasting my time on my 300zx love my car now I know she's worth all the effort I'm going to put into her.

  5. jomar santos

    Super Exotic Cars.

  6. jomar santos

    all exotic cars.

  7. jomar santos


  8. jomar santos

    this issssss amazing!!!!

  9. jomar santos


  10. vitormello vit


  11. turl


  12. MeditatedDuck

    its a Starcraft 2 pic, Battlecruisers are the ships

  13. Sojourn Soul

    Starcraft two: Wings of Liberty TFW!!!!!

  14. Trailer Blender

    @Luntri yup, they're battlecruisers

  15. Heylilvelvet

    my favorite is the Choir!! :O so powerful i could almost imagine a battle!

  16. Nick Powell

    I just listened to this took a Shit and by god….. I thought that shit was the fate of the universe…

  17. Nick Powell


  18. LordFhalkyn

    Free spaceship with every epic song.

  19. Groot


    Not sure if you're still interested, but I kinda liked it without the spaceships aswell so I tried to get them out with Photoshop. Didn't really work the way I wanted to, but ah well, here is it anyway:

    img42 (dot) imageshack (dot) us/img42/6503/2ajt6ds.png

    (Fix those (dot)'s obviously :p, dumbass youtube won't let me put the link in)

  20. Berend van Beers - Voidax

    You know the image would suck without xDarklegacyx2 in it

  21. AbsinthePunk

    it's from the HP and the deathly hallow trailer :p

  22. BananaMan1294

    Starcraft 2 =)

  23. Rufio0707

    Battle Cruisers… operational

  24. HassArtsLLC

    great great great 🙂

  25. NickVaFan


  26. MrsLittleGlamour

    GREAT! 😀

  27. Marksman230591

    Awesome use of a StarCraft wallpaper 🙂

  28. Groot

    I accidentally my keyboard

  29. Winduct

    I can't picture the epicness because it's TOO epic.

  30. Epic Legacy Trailer Music


    erm no, theres no other image without the ships

  31. Epic Legacy Trailer Music



  32. Luntri

    Are those spaceships batllecruisers from sc2 ? 😀

  33. Farthest Outpost

    yeah great!!
    this is one of the best SC 2 Wallpapers around.

  34. Chris

    I like this one! Very powerful.

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