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  1. Peter Trinidad

    Okay guys we are at this point now. The only two things left to do is that the world must join together, every country must put their knowledge and the techniques to be able to defeat or even control this virus which is threatening to look like a pandemic.

    I am not sure what your belief system is but another thing that we have to consider is divine intervention from the Almighty. We need to ask him for the forgiveness of our sins for every nation and that he intervene because many people that are very innocent, especially the very young that have not lived much, will die if this virus mutates and hitches a ride on the four winds which will carry it all around the Earth and become a worldwide pandemic.

  2. ninja 32

    The virus is airborn. They are also burning the dead bodies in wuhan. This disease isn't really effecting Caucasian people. Some experts say 50 thousand are already dead in China.

  3. S. Garr.

    Constant massive uncontrolled protests, deadly virus released to the citizens.

  4. Marty Tarver

    Wash your hands! Avoid public places. Stay clam and think before you do something.

  5. music

    It is true. This virus is very contagious and deadly. You can be infected through droplets coming from cough, sneeze or even feces of an infected person. An infected person who do not have symptoms can be a carrier of this virus. Soon the sewerage system of our cities will be diluted with this virus and there are many rats and cockroaches there. This virus can live on any sufaces for 5 days. The best way to survive this virus is to leave the city and live far away from other people. People who survive the bubonic plaque in Europe did this.

  6. oswer


  7. Rachael Dover

    Some Chinese are lying about being in wuhan or hubei- and are entering countries spreading the virus! – and are buying all the masks for themselves!- and our leaders don’t care!

  8. Harrow Pal

    If they listened to Doctor Li in the first place in Wuhan when he discovered it in in December ,he died yesterday,you failed to listen because of your stupid rhetoric and suppressing info,the authorities that did not listen to Doctor Li,Rat has a bigger surprise for you pigs.

  9. Brusko661

    i dont know but i have gut feeling that this virus is man made with an intension to cause global/pandemic outbreak. and ofcourse soon will have a anti corona drug and every country will buy it. business.

  10. S13_D 92silvia

    Great so end of the world huh?

  11. PyroRomancer

    33% mortality rate in da pilipines.

    its imperative it's contained. Beat and shame anyone coughing carelessly into the air.

  12. Sang Kang

    Chinese government lied and threatened the doctor who came forward to warn the government. Chinese government didn't learn a thing from Sars other than buy off WHO.

  13. ami a. dalek

    The DOH still seems to be in denial, although according to reports China is now applying for patent for Remdesivir, the drug they said that have proven effective against nCoV on clinical trials.

  14. Cilia Zapata

    Pidamosle a Dios, proteccion, y aprendamos a respetar todo ser.vivo, sea humano, o animal, todos sentimos y merecemos un mismo respeto.

  15. SPEZIAL 2.0


  16. kathleen horse face kennedy

    They're burning bodies 24/7 there's alot more dead then that.. Oh yeah what about the police or whoever they are shooting unarmed civilians?

  17. Fortes-Fortuna Juvat

    So I don't consider myself a " conspiracy theorist". More a person who has a grasp on reality and the way our goverments work behind the scenes.
    In the last year leading up to this event 2 of America's top CDC scientist disappeared and we're found to have died of strange , circumstances. One could call this a coincidence, but these are not just your ordinary people with ordinary jobs. You just don't go missing in this line of work. Something to ponder on. Cut and paste read for yourself.

    U.S. scientist Suzanne Eaton found dead in Greece died of asphyxiation, police say

    Missing CDC Researcher Found Dead

    The body of Timothy Cunningham, who disappeared in February, was recovered from the Chattahoochee River earlier this week.
    Apr 5, 2018

    Oddly enough they both went out for a " Jog " and never came back… Hummmm

    CIA what's really going on ? This has Bio-terrorism written all over it.

  18. Anbu blackops

    DOH: we are prepared (confident)
    Then after the 1st case of coronavirus declared in philippines there is already shortage of mask on that same day. How ironic

  19. CAL ADR

    Hey I’m trying to spread the word about the coverup going on in China right now! This leaked footage shows how bad things truly are there. Please help spread the word

  20. Onion Rings

    Of course it cant be contained when you dont stop international travel and you export infected persons to other countries simply because thats their place of residence. They should have immediately halted all international travel, they should have immediately halted exports and imports of products from China especially food products and animals. In fact they still can, but they arent doing it…… this is a planned intentional population reduction BIO engineered weapon to reduce the planets population. Pay attention, many many people are going to die, however if you watch you will not see one politician die, not one of their family members, not one leader of a country, not one owner of a fortune 500 company or family member, ect…. pay attention to who is dropping dead.

  21. Shrimp Zoo

    Where is who ? It’s now spreading in 20-30 countries with a death rate of 2.1% or higher. Yet cdc and who say it’s not any worse than the common flu?

    Common flu isn’t killing healthy young people

  22. Amber Derion

    If our rich fellow humans weren't so concerned about $$$$$$$$$ and power , China would have never hidden the first cases. All borders would have been closed last month AND things could have possibly been contained. Now there are so many people who are sick and don't know it are giving the disease to others

  23. J Apple

    Journalist, Qiushi Chen has gone missing. According his mother, he has planned to go to “Fangcong hospital” in Wuhan, China and he has lost contact around 7pm, Feb 6th till now.
    Please get the words out and save him! 🙏🏻

    천추실 기자님이 실종되셨습니다.
    우한 병원 취재를 위해 나갔다가, 연락이 안되고 있어요. 실종 사실을 알려주시고, 널리퍼뜨려 그를 도와주세요.

  24. gabethenoob

    "Uknown" sources. You mean somebody from China who should have stayed home.

  25. John Sinclair

    To get the mandate of heaven back the leaders of China must now decree that people should do unto others as they would have done unto them. They must also boil alive on live TV anyone who boils an animal alive, burn alive on live TV anyone who burns an animal alive, etc …. I call this new religion "Muscular Christianity". They must also say that everyone must love God with all their heart and being and love one another including their enemies. https://youtu.be/eRBYICtcgag

  26. Ana Ana

    Insane that theyre not doing anything about it. I hope this virus goes away. I feel so bad for the poor folks. But theyre not giving you accurate case numbers of death.. i read on http://www.wuhanflunews.com that its farrrr worst than that!!!😩

  27. L Buzz

    150 LEFT TO DIE OUTSIDE OF HOSPITAL CHINA ​after youtube dot com paste this

  28. Thai Nguyen

    Hmm, so this is how the dinosaurs went extinct…..

  29. Nevin Kuser

    I hope I don't get the virus from reading the comments section.

  30. saifulizhan

    Doomsday preppers dreams come true.

  31. FrankEdavidson

    Odd that the incidence and deaths follow a textbook curve.

  32. james ferris

    Its sars mixed with smallpox.

    They used the replicator of smallpox with the body and nucleus of sars.

    This gave it the two week infectious incubation period of smallpox. Let me repeat, it is incredibly rare for a 2 week infectious incubation period, smallpox has one and thats how it killed so many. Sars is new and is pneumonia so it will mostly kill the weak.

    So how do you stop a democratic revolution in ccp? You make a superbug that humans have no herd immunity to.

    Oh and don't believe me?

    Check my work. The gene sequence of this is 80% exact match to sars and 20% exact match to smallpox.

    Explain how those mixed "naturally "?

    By the way, the earth has hundreds of millions of smallpox vaccines stockpiled.

    If you vaccinate humans with that vaccine they will resist much faster and it will at a minimum reduce the incubation period to a few hours.

  33. Linram Ones

    greetings to all Coronians, get well soon!

  34. DeEchoVibe

    china is lying about the death toll and are threatening people about releasing information on the coronavirus.
    This also is like contagion.

  35. Random Youtube Comment

    Digong ano na!!! Instik pa more.

  36. James Madison

    Wu flu! Communist China lies as a matter of policy.

  37. Wild Cats Life

    So you let the animal to be suffering, by fry them alive, burn them alive, boil them alive now it’s your turn.

  38. Abdul Halim Mahmud

    China has imprisoned 1 million Uighur..and the Almighty has imprisoned 50 million of their population…its karma

  39. Kohpi Binz

    Just nuke China, 3x

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