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  1. Frank May

    Al Jazeera is garbage

  2. Samuel kirk

    russia makes no money off this?

  3. ranae

    this doesn't have anything to do with using less coal…this is 2 communist dictatorships becoming partners.


    What is Qatar going to do with its over priced Gas looooool

  5. dong wang

    someone is unhappy for this.

  6. fulaan1

    Russia is unlikely to make much money??? Making friends with China is worth investment??

  7. Peter Sedliak

    So chinesse will pay them 400 billions dolars. Construction cost was 55 billions dolars, but "for Russia its unlikely to make much money"? 345 billions dolars sounds like pretty much money to me.

  8. billy gates

    Trump cant sleep well tonight

  9. thegreendestiny

    The so-called "reporter" cannot even properly pronounce the name of the river nor the names of the two border cities/town. What ineptitude!

  10. fer na

    Right winners are you guys tire of winning? 😁

  11. Peter Bago

    The power of Siberia is the power of reason.

  12. John Eminah

    Trust Al Jazeera to always speak lies about Russia. Russia did not build this pipeline due to opposition to it pipeline in Europe. Nord Stream 2 will be completed this month. No one can stop Russia completing it pipelines anywhere. Putin bows to no one. Turk Stream is also working in Turkey. Russia is just being smart in diversifying their pipelines to cut off dependence on Ukraine completely. Jealousy is a disease. I'm not surprised Al Jazeera is jealous since their owner Qatar will lose out big time on gas shipments to the lucrative Chinese market.🤦‍♂️🙄

  13. Наталия Милованова

    The dog barks, the caravan goes by its own way

  14. J. Lee

    Key Point: Without US Dollars

  15. Maritech17

    Both projects (Bridge and Pipeline) are already complete ! As you can see on Vesti news and Russian Insight ! Someone is sleeping at Al Jazeera or what ? 🙄

  16. Pasha Pasovski

    Eymor river, it's Amour just like Amore!

  17. Corrine Tsang

    A sanctioned Russia sells China 400 billion dollars of natraul gas.

  18. Azz Lazz

    I know someone from blogoveschensk, and building a bridge connecting the two countries would be a nightmare for them.


    alguém Brasil?

  20. grimm reaper

    the Russian version of GPS merged with China's Beidou, China's GPS and it's more accurate than GPS. Russia and China are working on next generation of commercial wide body jets, space exploration and various other projects. it's a big win for Russia and China cooperations.

  21. ranko 67

    Chinese are now unstoppable. Greetings from USA.

  22. Marcus Perez

    December 2, 1968
    51 years, 612 months ,204 quarters
    June 17, 1989
    30.46 years, 365.52 months, 121. 84 quarters
    July 14, 1996
    23.39 years, 280.68 months, 93.56 quarters
    June 17, 1989 – July 14, 1996 (7.07 years or 2584 days) Isn't that strange?

  23. Status 6

    Countries cooperating for future welfare. Inhere in US preparing to protect the selected elite if WW3

  24. ReaLityBlue

    Check mate to the unipolar world order.

  25. dyrectory com

    Go to the channel: Russia Insight… they have a video showing the gas pipeline commencing gas flow today Dec. 2, 2019. 💡

  26. Kerman Koonekerman


  27. Phil Hall

    Who will take over who, that’s the biggest questions

  28. Josephat Kibet

    China is the new superpower

  29. Alfred Wang

    China builds to connect while USA destroys under the banner of democracy. Fascism is back in USA. They just call themselves differently nowadays (democrats), but no matter what they call themselves, their actions speak louder. They export conflicts/riots, China exports progress/infrastructures. China is building and USA is destroying. China is building bridges and trains to connect, whereas USA is building walls to separate.

  30. Ali Khan

    Hey!! We need something like that in our Pakistan too.

  31. tino v

    Great job Russia and China!

  32. Tourdo ops

    Lol..cia propaganda mouthpiece

  33. Gregg Spencer

    -12 C and the reporter acts like it's some frozen backwater. Makes you appreciate what the Americans and Canadians have accomplished in similar climates.

  34. mrruud0101

    Today the US put extra sanctions to Argentine and Brazil… to steal their income.

  35. стройник verpen

    1:50 well that's a load of bulshit.

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