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  1. Sword

    I wonder if western think tanks can also be a bit more objective and consider the effects of US foreign policy (regime change) on other countries and how it may shape defence policies in future. They have a tendency to see things in a vacuum. Usually the behaviour of one shapes the behaviour of another, so both sides be analysed rather than just one side.

  2. Sword

    Interesting talk as an example of how fear creates fear. China has been fearful of western and outside invasions due to its past experience (such as opium war, Japanese invasion etc). So it has managed to regain its economic strength and also strengthen its military to protect itself. But this strength has in turn created a fear in the west, Japan and india of China.

  3. N V S Praneeth

    is he brother of that energy expert and BJPs Narendra Taneja? looks like him a lot..

  4. Aj Wo

    Western worshippers. There is nothing original nor useful by this man. An Indian spreading Australian propaganda.

  5. Bakshi Baksi

    US is based on religious fanatism. China are heathens

  6. Ding Allen

    As a Chinese, I watched this video, the discussion was good, almost 99% of the contents are right. To understand China rising, you may need to study last 100 years history of China and 5000 years history. You should know western ideology is not universal human value. CCP as China the leader, you can see they can do U turn in 1978…

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