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  1. Kripa Krishnamurthi

    This shows the real love for president from the common people…no difference between the religion…all the best…keep it up president…

  2. Sagarika Poosa

    Do not insult hon. Chinese president…rich and powerful nations leader… Good man.. I don't abt the other man

  3. Dammika Mahawithana

    garu janapathi thumani obata sinhala baudda apage ashirwadaya ekanthai

  4. Husky HAHA

    The three women who hold flowers are so beautiful. 

  5. john james

    hm, what a ???

  6. vkk1406

    ma dawg…Xi Ping! 

  7. Spitfire Neelis

    Jingping here for JILLMART!!!

  8. chathu05

    Beautiful Ceremony !!!

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