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  1. Tristan Waller

    China's dangerous and can't ever be trusted,

  2. Jeremy Fransen

    Does anyone know if they secured the trade deal for exporting fake Bone 🦴 spurs and the extreme cowardice that goes with it?

  3. shadow eagle

    China is always getting what they want with all the presidents in the past not anymore we support Donald Trump

  4. Dying Starz

    The only thing I like trump is that if he said lick his ball to their's worshiper followers they will do it too with their's family's on a Sunday churches!!

  5. chtwdb

    I definitely support the President in stopping china from cheating and undermining markets in the U.S. and around the World. Pretty much any food or ag product that you buy in the big box stores are from china like the gateway to china itself, chinawall-mart etc. Just look at the origin of tilapia and catfish. After all of the problems with poison in children's toy paint and china's total lack of concern for their own people I definitely have concerns about eating food from there! I just hope we now can buy more agriculture products and food from local producers and allied countries.

  6. nunya business

    The Department of Justice Calls Donald Trump a Felon

  7. nunya business

    Another 856 billion bailout of Farmers from TARIFFS

  8. Chief Dogman

    Communism is evil, no ands ifs or buts about it.

  9. mark holland

    The Chinese comunist, are lieing, cheating, scoundrals, that will murder there own people for body parts, you know they will never cooperate with the u.s., or any other country on earth..
    They want to control the world, and its economy, but bad news

  10. Joselito Cabral

    chinese are penny pinchers, they will not adhere to the newly imposed tariffs. 25%? yeah right, they will never agree on that deal! they always want to be on the advantage side. these people will never be fair, thats a fact!

  11. brian stuart

    You like again Chinese ain't having a bad year how they sold all the u.s. debt to other countries and made huge profits and just to let you know Trump's business his son is building a water park in Indonesia guess where they bought their steel from you got it China couldn't even buy American Steel to build the water park in Indonesia that's how cheap ass he is and a big f**** liar and also retards China owns a shitload of Realty in our country they owned the Yellowstone Park like I said China ain't hurting but Trump will be soon when everything backfires on them

  12. brian stuart

    Trump don't want no deal he's making too much money off of tariffs What's China's going to win the trade War because they're going to pull everything out of the US and cut the United States write off and Russia is going to back them on it they already screwed the farmers why not buying their products no more once trying to start selling cheap products to Russia and other countries they will stop dealing with the US big time right now brushes opening up vast territories for farming and they'll even took it in sanctuary Farmers from other countries am backing them the farm in their country

  13. Manuel Stapp

    I have such great admiration for President Trump,thank you sir for your hard work

  14. Don X

    President Trump: "Really, we're just putting things back into order." I LOVE IT. All you socialists should be rooting against Red Chinks — they're an evil, brutal master. You should be praying for… USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! x 100. It's the only place you can piss and moan about US hegemony, and still get rich.

  15. Jim Hatch

    It's not going to bother us here in the USA, in fact, it's really nice NOT having their TRASH on our shelves at the stores!!!

  16. Warren Mundell

    You poor Trump followers, you are being led down a nasty unwinnable path, and when you hit bottom it won't be nice. Give it a year, get back to me then.

  17. Lester Egbert

    Stand tall mr.pres Trump.

  18. Eric Wolf

    Our economy is great .. It's Socialist nations around the world with bad numbers model's that is strangling there own Countries Economies.. Sorry no recession here.. World monies coming to the United States for return's.. Socialist keep harping recession in hopes to topple America. I ask Why do people want to hurt others.. Bussiness return's are good.. Something is Rotten..?!

  19. Peace Bridge

    The only USA president in the past 30+ years have done something about China. Full support.

  20. V8flattop Gamer

    This war started because china has NEVER honored a trade deal with anyone EVER.

  21. Larue77

    Trump caved. No surprise there. Republicans face elections. Chinese leaders don’t worry about elections so they can stall until Republicans cave. Every farmer in America broke is bad for Republicans.

  22. Todd Schultz

    Trump is a Clown , Never Trust A CLOWN .

  23. Philip Tay

    Trump is a rapist .he is distracting from the american public from his wrongdoing.what kind of president is this.trump is the first rapist president.what he said is all false in disguise to avoid the real pain American is suffering.

  24. Hondo

    the farm subsidies should help but farmers are already complaining and they have not experienced a loss yet…when did our farmers get so soft and pampered?

  25. Derek Finch

    The truth of the matter there has to be an agreement between China and the Western Nations and it should not always be in favour of China even know much of Western money from Europe is tied up in the manufacturing in China and many of those goods and made by slave labour in work camps to undermine the prosperity and the jobs of those citizens working in America and across Europe it seems that those in Europe there to appease the Chinese and give them greater power over their Nations where America is drawing the line and saying yes we do want to trade but it has to be on an equal basis you cannot sell most of you and national product to us without agreeing to buy pra products from us doesn't that make sense there were many people who undermine the policies of Mr trump and his administration but at the end of the day he is putting the interests of his nation first over those people who only want to enrich a few and let the rest of the Nation pick up the bill for the subsidies to China

  26. MrRex2U

    I'm just praying that Australia sticks with the US… China is Australia's biggest trading partner, so there's expectation from both sides of this international argument…

    #GoTrump #Aussies4Trump

  27. flyback 2me

    FOOK China. Bring them commies to their knees. Thieving bums!!!!! I won't by ANYTHING made in China… Well… Except the new Toyota truck I'm buying this year… That's IT though. Keep messing with Hong Kong, punks!!!!

  28. Gringo Sinting

    this guy is living in his own planet, Lol.

  29. Gavin Zhao

    Wow, just live in the dream created by Trump. The tariffs would very soon show up on the price tag. kkkkkkk

  30. yukonjeffimagery

    Lets quit buying from China all together. We should not support those thieves at all. Plenty of other countries to do business with.

  31. Mama Ames

    Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You for blessing our great nation with a strong leader who, thru the guidance of Your loving hand, works tirelessly for the American people. In Jesus name, we humbly pray. Amen.🙏💕🇺🇸✌

  32. Michael Garvy

    She could read me stereo instructions, I would still listen.

  33. Cuon Ly

    I feel very sorry for China communist socialists hahaha Trump Mr Trump he will bring China back to the Ming dinesty

  34. sen ho

    Yes, no deal with china communist party! We support president Trump.

  35. Tim Norton

    Piss on china faggots

  36. John O'Bryan

    Thank God we have @OAN A real media outlet who tells the truth.

  37. ChristianMuscle

    China is not our only customer! Some those communist generals will have months coming out of their wallets.

  38. SPARKY#1

    Sock it to them China's been stealing from us for decades!

  39. Alexander J.

    Damn this news reporter is great, get it girl

  40. Hal Asimov

    China is gearing up to attack the peaceful protesters in hong kong.

  41. Man Of Beard

    The only good thing to come out of China was erm, uh. Hmm, erm, well, um. There was something but I’m at a loss right now 😂

  42. Victor Lugosi

    Chanel is cute asf


    COMMUNIST CHINA SUCKS! and chinese products are trash, the worst quality, bootlegs and cheap knockoffs. #Trump2020

  44. mabatommy


  45. Mo To

    I knew Chinese would be betting on the election, so if comes to this, then let's not be complacent about the 2020 election and go out there and win by a landslide.

  46. Earthnewz 2020

    trump is literally the best boss for a country you can have he is amazing

  47. Robin Jacobs

    Communist China has been CHEATING the USA for decades! Now, finally, we have a President with the balls to TRY and change that.
    And, of course, the vile fools who have been profiting by this, are screaming loud!

  48. Charles Bronson

    The Chinese have been giving it to us in the A for a long time…. We need to have patience and sacrifise a little in order to fight back …remember the chinese are used to give it and it will be hard for them to give that up and take it

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