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  1. 5kayonekiller

    Both look like predators in a motel room looking up dirty stuff on the laptop

  2. BrownE Yacult🤙🏻

    Did they share a private jets, or take separate ones?

  3. Hunter Van Gorp

    Prince Harry has the best doorbell in the world.

  4. talimanios

    So useless

  5. Lady Suzanne

    Excellent 💕🤟🏻💕🇬🇧 could’ve been a bit more in-depth a bit longer but any coverage is good coverage!!

  6. Truck Taxi

    Somehow I knew the word "ginger" would be said.

  7. abouzar esmaeili

    You can see mental illness in their faces🤣🤣🤣😶😶😶

  8. Stuart Parkinson

    The mad maragan

  9. E-Rock 1776

    Pathetic morons

  10. Rick James

    The mental are all at the climate protest

  11. Mark Wood

    Hows that ole fashion inbreeding going….elitist…stfu…

  12. lulo leta

    hahaha their sense of humor is very high and used for the right reasons. well done both 🌹🌹

  13. Mr Nobody

    Fucking tree huggers both of them . They look like a couple of benders tbh hahahahhahaha 😎

  14. Mark Savage

    Yes. Someone standing up for us ginger nuts, rangers, blood nuts, carrot tops. Life’s not easy when you’re young and have these thrown at you. Long live Us Red Heads!

  15. 1973saoirse


  16. Junglepussy

    Ed has a big ol' head

  17. Jamie Kriticos

    I always have ginger in my food!

  18. Chrystal Edwards

    Gingers unite..

  19. Susan Thomson-Lafosse

    Every day in our entitled political correctness culture is mental health day., years of normalizing mental illness has let them have power where before they were not allowed near anything important

  20. Urban shmirdin Lennon

    They look like before and after picturs

  21. Sharon Kinkade

    Never will safe driving cars take over. NEVER. !

  22. Mick Williams

    Here we go again .I am sick of all these buzz words doing the rounds these days and pri*ks like harry and his tart are the worst of them all at it.That leftie Sheeran is not far behind them.Someone only has to sneeze these days and the mental health mob are rushing to his/her aide.

  23. facts veryfirst

    Prince Harry opening his own door what has the world come too hahaha

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