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  1. TheBestNannie

    Starry, are you familiar with Hallelujah Acres? They promote eating raw vegan. There are alot of good recipes on their website.

  2. mechelle vaughan

    Beloved Sister Starry, thankful to hear you so upbeat !! 🙂
    definitely a bonus to hear that you have an appointment. That’s wonderful…..!
    Will be praying as you are always faithfully in my prayers. Take care . ..
    Sending love & many Kingdom blessings to you & yours. Shalom. Xx

  3. Bev Lee

    you are also a blessing to us, love from ph

  4. daniellegrandpa

    Good luck, i hope you find a cure.

  5. Nancy Byrd

    Sohappy to hear you can get to an oncologist. I have been blessed with a good Christian doctor. I start chemo in the next few weeks. God has this.

  6. Kathryn Anderson

    I think some doctors and radiologists are so ignorant. Some just don't care. In 2016 I had a c Scan and they said all the organs were unremarkable. Of course they didn't say I needed a c scan with contrast because there was a large spot on my liver. Zoom to 2018 and I woke up in the middle of the night with severe chest pains and called 911 At the ER I had a great doctor and with the tests he said my heart was good . No heart attack but he was concerned about my pancreas with a 1000 count. He took a little scan and then sent me down for a big one. Found out that spot was liver cancer. Also with a pet scan found I had a tumor size of a cantaloupe. Long story short they took 2/3 of the left lobe and aTACE for the spot on the right side. ( they shoot the chemo in the groin artery into the spot) I think the Lord did have me go thru this because I know that the Lord had this in His plan and everytime I tell my story, Jesus gets all the Glory. By the way my cancer doctor said he didn't have concern that I would make it thru the operation because I am kind of like Starry even tho I am 80 years old.

  7. Zoe 101

    Our prayers are answered even more when we pray for others!

  8. Melissa Peltier

    Thank you for sharing this great information! I just suggested a functional medicine doctor to my mother after seeing your last video about it. It makes so much sense!

  9. Big Red Barn Homestead

    Well said! Uplifting scriptures and encouraging message. Thanks!

  10. felicetanka

    Business medicine knows how to gouge the needful.

  11. Penny Copper

    Starry/Stacey: Sounds like a viable option given the alternative. May God bless you on your journey .🤗 from Antigo.🤗

  12. Nicole Durant

    From one RN to another, I applaud you for taking your health into your own hands!! You know what’s best for your body. Congratulations on your newest journey you are on the road to total health. Peace and much happiness, Nicole.

  13. Nicole Durant

    Such good news for you Starry. Many prayers coming your way for health and happiness!! You’re an inspiration to so many! May peace be with you on your journey!! Hugs, Nicole💕❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

  14. Jennifer Jackson

    Love You Starry, I'm So Excited For You!!!! Also, What Do You Eat For Protein? I've Changed My Diet And Slowed Way Down On Meat Because It Makes Me feel Dirty So I Need Protein!!!

  15. Breaking Free Off Grid

    My husbands sister just passed away recently after losing her battle with cancer. Even after her body was torn apart from radiation and chemo. So sad! She was such a beautiful soul. I believe in the alternative medicine for health and have read that cancer can’t survive in oxygen.

  16. Ibislife

    Very excited to see the test. I am open to new things, will be interesting to see how and what a test like that can reveale. Good luck and God bless.

  17. Jeannie Martin

    Please post Samantha’s link & contact info

  18. Sue G.

    Thank you for all that information! I probably would talk a lot longer in that beautiful setting.
    Psalm 119:114
    You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your word.

  19. Tara Morell

    Interesting – plum island lyme disease

  20. Sheena J

    My 4 year old said, "oooh I like this video!" So you must be doing good Starry ❤😁 lol You're kid approved haha

  21. danamvc57

    Another nurse absolutely right starry my own experience exactly God lead me to this healing also

  22. Dev Levine

    Starry have you tried listening to diffrent frequencies for your pain?
    I have a chronic illness and use 174 Hz pain relief music
    I rely on that frequency instead of pills. It got me through having recovering through a major operation.
    What is the cost for using the Oxygen chamber?
    God Bless you on your journey

  23. B. Eder

    The Amino Acids supplements will throw off the tests that measure Proteins. Because they ARE PROTEINS! Duhhhhh! Silly Doctors! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Christine Drost

    Thank goodness you have an appointment with a cancer DR. You can live with MM. but you have to have treatment.

  25. B. Eder

    Put the Lime in the Coconut and drink it all up!
    Put the Lime in the Coconut you'll feel much better!
    Guess if life gives you Lemons – Make Lemon Aid!

  26. Linda Breakall

    Thanks for being such an inspiration to us Starry….I thank my Lord everyday I came across your channel years ago. I am going to share these links with family. Love Ya!

  27. Laura Brazil

    My sister in law was treated for Lyme disease, her doctor told her the Lyme disease testing often give false negatives!! The doctors KNOW this. So he treated her for it and much of her pain went away. Western medicine can be great but they need to look at the person as a whole.

  28. Malcolm Small

    my medical health care providers remind me of used car salesman

  29. leen.v.r


  30. 3rd Grandma Milhises

    Starry howw about a sponsorship? Use the word Hardship.

  31. Agnes Takacs

    Love your videos and encouragement! Mario is just soooo adorable 😀

  32. poolahpot

    Thanks so much👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Her site looks awesome!

  33. poolahpot

    Please watch the lyme disease documentary Under Our Skin

    Also, there is a sequel Under Our Skin 2
    Here on youtube for 3.99

    These are so incredibly informative!!!

  34. Renea.s

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I was just diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome and Hashimotos (both are autoimmune disorders) and I have spent countless hours doing research on them both and have come to the conclusion that they were both preventable if even one of my 5 doctors had talked to me about my gut health after any one of my three surgeries. I had no idea the damage being done to my gut health. Then I was told I would need to see two different specialist. An endocrinologist for the Hashimotos as well as a rheumatologist for the Sjogren’s. After getting the referral for both I called to schedule an appointment and was told the soonest the rheumatologist is available for a new patient is February of 2020!!! That is crazy! SO, I have decided that I’m not waiting and I’m going to begin healing myself and I’m starting with the full scan through Balanced Health. I feel like God is working over time for so many of us! Thank you for sharing your journey, it is helping so many of us take control of our own health. I’m not sure I would have discovered this company on my own. God Bless.

  35. scrapper900

    Starry I am happy these doors are opening for you. I do think you need to get an xray of your back. Back fractures are very common with your type of cancer as you probably know. I just watched my dad die. He had unexplained back pain for so long and no doctor was able to find out why until he was suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 renal cell carcinoma. He had been walking around with a broken back for months!! The cancer was eating through his bones which is also a common thing with your cancer. I just want you to investigate every avenue so you can be here with us for a long, long time.

  36. Rita McCartt-Kordon

    Thank you! Starry, did you happen to see Veterinary Secrets, on YouTube? A lady in North Carolina had let her 3 dogs, Scotties, go into a pond. There was a Blue-Green Algae in the water. It was stagnant. They all 3 died late that night! Wisconsin is very far away from the Hot South! But will you be coming back South? The South is full of dangerous things. My heart goes out to you. GOD bless

  37. peaceful inspirations

    glad for the update. interested to see how testing turns out.

  38. Anita Page

    Quite an update! Thank-you so much Starry for the info om Samantha of Creating Balance Health! Good to hear that you are a lean, clean, God-fearing machine! In these End Times; remarkable natural medicine methods/remedies cannot be Held Back! Glory to God!

  39. Rebecca Ulloa

    Glad you got an appointment. Hope you get answers.
    I had my surgery 6 weeks ago. The week after they told me they did not believe they got clear margins.
    10 days later they called and said the pathologist believed it was clear margins.
    The next week the cancer board decided I needed a masectomy.
    I had a discussion with my surgeon and point blank asked her.
    She said she believed she got it all but asked me TO do MRI. It showed 2 areas they thot might be cancer. So I did an ultra sound. The radiologist told me there was nothing to biopsy. My new oncologist us still pushing chemo and her2 drugs telling me by have stage 3 cancer. But there's nothing there.
    Long story but I guess I'm trying to get across
    Main stream doesn't want to cure us.
    That's like selling is a car that lasts forever
    Drugs and treatments are their bread and butter.

  40. Susan Nielsen

    Good news!

  41. TEDDY R

    😎👍💕 yep in pain constantly but there are days where I'm good thank God for that

  42. Sticksbass

    im still glad i went vegan 10 years ago.

  43. Sue Mitchell

    We are so blessed to serve the one true living God who Blesses us everyday.

  44. Joe Serrano

    Hoping and praying that your cancer went into remission and you're now cancer free my dear Starry! God is ALWAYS watching over ya beautiful lady. 🙂

  45. NcScbeach1

    Starry, I do see an integrative doctor for Lyme and Hoshimotos . I knew that there were practicing occultist working in the store, yet the main Doctor claims to be a Christian but allows a huge portrait of a female witch doctor that is hanging up behind the counter in the store. Also there is some very New Age mapping that is seriously the occult that’s being used to treat patients. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2011/07/the-triumph-of-new-age-medicine/308554/

  46. Larry Geary

    It's true God IS the great Physician. He healed me from a severe heart attack in 2011, He healed me from Testicular cancer/Seminoma and 2 herniated lumbar discs last year. He heals us by the gifts He has given others to work on His behalf…amen?

  47. Lynn Proctor

    I watched some of your earlier videos from a year or so ago, and I cannot see a weight difference visually. Sometimes I think the lighting affects how you look, if you do filming inside your RV. You are right. Americans look for some meat on the bones. If you lived in China, no one would think anything about it.

  48. Carol Larrimer

    ChrisBeatCancer.com starts a free video series on Tuesday, August 13. You look great, Starry! I think you are doing the right diet. God bless you!

  49. Isabel Sebastiao-Vieira

    Thanks for all of the interesting info. Get well soon.

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