Print your own pictures, text and design guides on the glass surface

The range of decorative glass technology is as wide as the potential glass project itself. Here are a few popular items you might be considering:


Stained glass effects and simple design are popular, especially in the era of style, small niches, porches and front doors, as well as adding finishing touches to the glazing on the stairs.

Wine and beer glasses

Print styles and coloured texts are often seen on many bar glasses, from matte to branding, engraving and raised prints.


Decorative mirrors tend to be more subtle, perhaps the design of the corners of the mirror or the small set with the front of the mirror, which can usually be contoured on them.

Clip frame

Clip frames are often decorated with a printed border to enhance the beauty of your favorite pictures. Lace and design in the corner are very common.


Beginners begin their first glass painting project, usually starting with a selection of plain glass vases. Flowers are once again a list of popular designs because they are perfect for outline and glass color inks.

Decorative glass – technology, choice and expectations

Glass printing technology differs greatly from potential projects, but it is certain that some technologies are much simpler than others. It all depends on what you need to achieve. For example, let us say that you need to print "Congratulations to Susan and James" on several glass vases on their wedding day. Since this is a one-time event, this project is easily implemented by water skiing paper.

Waterslide paper is ideal for transferring any image, picture or text you have printed to almost any hard surface. The item is not dishwasher safe, but since the effect only takes one day, this will be the right choice, as pictures of flowers or other images can also be placed next to the text without any extra effort.

How to use a water ski sticker to decorate the glass

A stack of water-skiing paper usually has 5 or 10 sheets of A4 paper, enough to accommodate hundreds of decal sliding designs. If you have an inkjet printer, you also need to buy some varnish spray. If you have a laser printer, you do not need varnish.

First print the text and/or picture onto the shiny side of the waterjet paper. The water-skiing paper acts like plain paper and passes through the printer in the same way.

Once your design is printed, wait about 30 minutes for drying and then apply a layer of varnish. [Inkjet only] Spray several layers of clear varnish quickly and evenly to seal the print on the paper. This is necessary because the next stage is to immerse your design in water for about 30 seconds.

The backing paper will then begin to slip, allowing you to remove it from the water and slide the film containing your design onto the glass surface. You will have several times to reposition your design while gently removing any remaining water from underneath the design with your fingers and thumb. In the next few hours, the design will begin to harden onto the glass.

Why not use the water ski sticker on the glass

If the glass surface you want to decorate is to be exposed to elements or washed in water, you may want to consider other permanent options.

Decorative glass with glass paint

With a little artistic ability, it can achieve permanent effects through some tracing papers, profilers and glass paint.

If your glass surface is as flat as a glass coaster, place the glass horizontally and draw the design outline on the glass. If your glass is round, you need to fix the design inside the glass.

Get some glass paint and cern outliner. Vitrea is a good choice as a brand. Once the glass paint and profiler are fixed in the oven for about 150 minutes for 30 minutes, they are all dishwashers.

The purpose of starting with the contour is to prevent the colors from penetrating each other. Give a simple design like a flower and imagine drawing a few petal outlines on the top of a stem and stem.

Your cern outliner comes with a precise tip. The contour is created by inspecting the nozzle tip for clogging or air bubbles by pressing a small profiler into the tissue. While working, please continue to wipe the tip. This helps prevent the lines from becoming too thick.

The next step is to fill each petal with each color.

First apply the paint generously by applying paint or using a pipette. This will produce a flat stained glass effect. To obtain a light paint, dilute with water. For non-aqueous coatings, gloss varnish is used.

Brushes can be used to fill colors or are easy to select and can be marked with glass paint. Bullet marks are ideal for detail work and quick projects. Marking is especially smart for novice painters and children. Baking marks, just as paint is very durable once baked. Synthetic brushes provide more brush strokes, while natural brushes can apply more paint to make the coverage smoother.

Printed on plastic wrap on transparent windows

The window remains a transparent film that uses static electricity to adhere to the glass. For example, the window sticker is made up of windows. You can now get a clear window paste to print your own image or text. Transparent design and stained glass effects can be achieved quickly and easily.

The print on the window is a film with a backing plate that peels off after printing. After printing your design, cut the picture or color off the edge before peeling off the back. Now place your design directly on the glass surface. You can move your window until you are satisfied with the positioning, but be careful not to touch the static side, as finger marks can damage your work.

Window keeping can also be used to place indoor mirrors, which are popular in children's bedrooms.

Decorative glass with transparent adhesive tape

The quickest way to transfer almost any image, design or text onto a glass might be to use a clear adhesive film. This is a transparent a4 film with a clear adhesive backing. The process is very similar to the window, but the design cannot be repositioned after being applied to the glass.

Where to buy glass decoration products

Your local craft store will always store a wide range of glass coatings, including pipes, powders or coatings. Ask for advice on which project is best for the project you are considering.

Google Shopping and eBay also contain a variety of glass pigments and outlines. Pebeo is a leading brand and can usually be purchased at a very cheap price in a 20ml tube.

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