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  1. Thắng Trần Văn

    Song 3:50 please!!

  2. LegendaryBboys

    Project China was freshhhhhh

  3. Darison Jean

    Kid David has his own moves and character but cmon at least do a variation of your set. The same thing for everrr

  4. Americas Most

    4:40 so clean with the set up. Fuck

  5. whhong92

    Anyone know who the first bboy is, from Project China?

  6. ddd aa


  7. timmykobe

    Second guy from Project China was fresh! Anyone know who that is?

  8. Adrien Gadson

    Don't know what the judge on far right was watching. Anyway Phil nice as hell here and second chinese bboy got some ideas in his head.

  9. Andrew Pham

    We need project korea!

  10. Gabriel Lopes

    Phil killed 🔥

  11. Albert Pham

    Who’s the guy from china in red?

  12. gibbonBG

    Really, very sorry for the Chinese team. just Americans are emblematic, so they won.

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