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  1. Klymester

    My god this is so old I'm so glad I was born way after this cause I would absolutely die in this kinda era

  2. Marie-Chan

    I see my prom had nothing to do with proms in the 60s.

  3. wolf strand

    I dont tink it was camfotebol. It was so stiff and easy to offend sambody.

  4. Jess

    I wish I could re- live my prom again. Staying at a friend's house and her mum wanted to do our hair and makeup. But only if we agree to do it her way. I wanted curls but she said No my dress doesn't go with that sort of hairstyles (red, strapless)
    She gave me an 80s teased hair look.
    I looked horrible. I didn't have the thick skin I do now back then.

  5. Evelyn Venus

    Meanwhile for my prom I just wore the formal dress I sewed years ago and watched Queer Eye with headphones on with my friend, because we were both bored out of our minds…when the dances aren’t fun, you don’t have many friends, and you have no potential dates, I think it’s more important to cherish the time you have with closer friends (in fancy outfits). Also, receiving line? In this year of twenty-nine-teen, there’s no receiving line, just cranky security guards who (understandably) would MUCH rather be at home than checking students’ bags and giving them breathiliser tests.

  6. Pamela Walker

    The title should be "my date with Dick" 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  7. Kim K.

    Jesus. This would suck the fun out of anything lol

  8. Sherilyn Chua

    I’m sorry did the daughter just kiss her father on the mouth??

  9. Ali L

    “…and NATURALLY she shows up before he runs out of conversation.”
    Hahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! This ad is too comical to watch without feeling awkward for some reason.

  10. Małgorzata Borkowska

    "Oh, it sounds LIT". I was sure it's a modern slang word.

  11. David Radcliffe

    You schedule the dances lol wow

  12. Margarita Kulyapina

    I thought that dance cards were old fashioned, but now it seems like a great idea, although there could be impromptu dances as well, so that it isn't overly structured.

  13. Nathan Mulroy

    My grandfather went to prom in ‘62 and remembers the girls’ dresses and petticoats taking up the entire backseat of the car

  14. Sirena Spades

    People should be taught manners like this now. It would be so much nicer.

  15. DawnDawn Xin

    Didn’t know people used to wear wedding gowns to their high school proms😛

  16. The Peculiar Nerd

    Lee escorts Judy off the dance floor so that she's not stranded.

  17. Laura Hernández

    “Dick, your flowers are just beautiful!”

  18. Anthony Fernandez

    The evening ends with SEX

  19. Sebastian Reyed

    Everything in that video is too extra

  20. smoothlyez

    Daughter looks older than the mother

  21. Oscar Santiago

    That kiss with daddy doe 👀👀
    Wanna dance? LEmmE gEt mY pRogRAm

  22. 60Macushla

    Oh, the music, dresses, manners. Love the long opera gloves!! ❤❤

  23. Zero Todona

    I didn’t go to my prom like 10 years ago. I knew better. Too much filth now a days in proms.

  24. Nananananana To


  25. Şafak

    F*ck Google Free Audio Musics

  26. Michael Miller

    Receiving Line?!

  27. Michael Miller


  28. M S

    Back then they had manners and morals, unlike today.

  29. Chibi Lychee

    My prom's music sucked. Nothing but hip hop, RAP, and other junk. I sat at my table the whole time; not fun.

  30. Ms7of8

    When there still was grace, civility, courtesy and style. Now the younguns look and act like 'hos and pimps at their respective proms.

  31. Fly by night

    Yes I LOVED the after party with weed,booze,and sex. Oh wait a minute. That was my prom. 😜

  32. oogabooga

    yo this shit is so vanilla lmaooooo

  33. tricia_panda _vegan

    Thank you Dick.

  34. Claudia Isabel Alaniz Alegria

    “The program is a way to keep the dances straight”
    Well then

  35. AdrianB

    And not one person of color around…😡😭😭

  36. Mockingjayvia

    Can you imagine how EASY it would be to dance with your crush if people just had to fill out a paper to dance with you??? WHY DID SCHOOLS GET RID OF THIS!?!?

  37. Ed Holohan

    WHO GIVES A f**k?

  38. Putri Hamran

    It looks like a wedding dress

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