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  1. Yo Yo

    Good jobs. Those stupid Pig Protestors can go to America and beat the police there. See hong long can u survive without getting shot.

  2. jia hao

    Full shooting footage https://youtu.be/pe7FYMTYPuc come all exposed the peaceful protestor and shameless media

  3. kenneth law

    My friends in USA, we used our lives to show you the importance of democracy, liberty and the 2nd amendment. Please always value what you have, and bring it to the world.

  4. Ar Fifteen

    They probably  shot many people. But the communists only reported one.They don't want another bad publicity like the Tiananmen Square  massacre.

  5. you're right


  6. you're right

    This is why we must protect the 2nd Amendment.

  7. MrYtuarte

    More ppl must protest to their governments for their abuse of power. They have turned the police force against their own ppl and freedom. When the police force are slaves also. the justice system is a disgrace and must be reformed for a just system for all who deserve it!! Wake up you ignorant sheep, the father in heaven calls on you for the light! Unite in the light or fall in division

  8. Ron Pison

    Die free Hongkongers

  9. Jeff P

    I'm sure there are a few bad apples but in the grand scheme of things millions of people don't show up to protest for just no reason, these people are not stupid they know China is not interested in one country two systems or whatever they call it. In 2047 China can legally do anything they want with Hong Kong, this conflict is either going to take place now or later on, so may as well do it now.

  10. 1970harleybike

    FIGHT THE POWER !!! I Love It… I Wish I Was There…

  11. Black Riflemen's Organization

    Will this young man become Hong Kong's Crispus Attucks?

  12. Philip W

    Watch more violence here!!

  13. Kevin Zheng

    Shoot some live rounds into the air

  14. David Smith

    Power to HK people!

  15. David King

    Those fucking losers only want to create chaos for majority of Hong Kongers. So pathetic!

  16. urdbest

    Why not show those citizen got beaten by by rioters? A few are in critical condition.

  17. urdbest

    I read that there was a 13 years old rioter got arrested in Hong Kong. From June to August, he was paid HK$30,000. He used the money to buy upgraded gears, games, ipad etc. I wonder anyone know who are paying these kids to go out to engage in violence.

  18. wolf blitzer

    The Russians are coming

  19. Stuff I Like

    Don't mind me, I'm just here to laugh at the ridiculously obvious comments from Chinese Glowfags.

  20. Andy R3


  21. bokocrew

    Police fired at least 3 live rounds at close range : 1 in Tsuen Wan shot in the chest in critical condition, 1 in Yao Ma Tei shot in the head and another one in Wanchai earlier.

  22. bokocrew

    Police fired at least 3 live rounds at close range : 1 in Tsuen Wan shot in the chest in critical condition, 1 in Yao Ma Tei shot in the head and another one in Wanchai earlier.

  23. bokocrew

    Police fired at least 3 live rounds at close range : 1 in Tsuen Wan shot in the chest in critical condition, 1 in Yao Ma Tei shot in the head and another one in Wanchai earlier.

  24. Son VII

    There's only a cople more months until 2020.. I think even in the '80s this kind of violence by government never happened to Hongkongers.. God be with them

  25. tino v

    Protester ? That mfker charged the police officer with a metal pipe you fakin morons. SHOULD HAVE SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD like all police officers would do!!

  26. Bryan Thompson

    Are these protesters going to be sent to reeducation camps???

  27. Jeff W

    If it happens to one of the NYPD or LAPD, he or she would not fire only one shot, instead would probably empty all the bullets to the rioters armed with gasoline bombs and metal pipes. That's the typical rules of engagement here. In fact, afterward, the City Major and the Police Union rep would be on TV and condemn the violence caused by the rioters. Time, you should know better. Perhaps it makes the news to you because the HK police only fired one shot even his life was in grave dangerous.

  28. TheIxtlan

    This is ridiculous China doing nothing to stop this violent protesters. Just arrest the protesters and ship them on back detention camp in China. Problem solve.

  29. kazoua yang

    Lock them up, lock them up HK people needs to be lock up and do community service to clean up Hong Kong City

  30. baba booboo


  31. Kevin Cline

    I have proof.


    There's full video.

  32. The resident

    CNN plans and executes the ongoing riots.

  33. Capture It Live

    Good job . Terrorists leaders Denise Ho and Joshua Wong should be arrested and sentenced to execution .

  34. henry diaz

    we are with you HK young people

  35. World peace Everyone

    A police shot at the protester with real bullet within 2 meters distance at his chest….this young man almost died. Thank God the doctor removed the bullet…the doctor showed on the YouTube with the X-ray..where the bullet was just under the rib cage.
    That police was aimed to kill

  36. Jahlavasound

    Burn Communism!

  37. charles yam

    Where are the video showing protestors beating up police officers, elderly people, and mainland Chinese people?

  38. Bigolbeardog

    destroy all liberals before this becomes our government.

  39. Mark Stengel

    Largest terrorist organization Chinese Government / Communist Scum Suckers👿

  40. mike blue galindez

    gun had been fired by police! the true intention of chiinazi had been release, slavery of HK is the real motive, civil war is just around the corner

  41. Liem Bui

    the U.K should have kept Hong Kong for a million years, HK would be happy now.

  42. JRP

  43. pen friend

    Look closely America, if God almighty does not intervene…..your next!

  44. Anthony Brown

    Im sure those citizens don't like the social crediting system out there.

  45. Jennyoy

    To celebrate the Chinese anniversary, Hong Kong police start killing people. They are presenting the school kids' blood to the Chinese communist party. What a bloody beginning of the community rule!

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