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  1. Ror R

    Elimate those terriost

  2. 台湾之光点亮全球

    Fake news!!!

  3. 玉佳瓏

    Idiot CNN. Keep making fake news.

  4. R&R

    Pure Evil….

  5. 小南瓜


  6. Alvin CA

    Well, I guess it is not evil for US to boom boom boom other countries, but not ok for China to provide its own citizens with jobs.'

  7. Pula Paw

    Wow the says is true when you point a finger they two more pointing back, we have a nerve to talk about human rights.

  8. Gary Jordan

    Why don't the Clown News Network show the death and devastation caused by you and your Saudi overlords in Yemen ?

  9. Lulu Apple

    Oh Muslims boo hoo

  10. Allan jelen Jelen

    China destroyed Tibet xingiang and many tribes also genocide china commies do not respect human rights.stop this china.

  11. Kevin Kevin

    💀☠Boycott #china 💀☠

  12. english total

    How many native Americans grave still left?

  13. Dead End

    It's fine guys, pooh bear is good friends with chester the cheetah, nothing to see here.

  14. Xiao Pengfei

    fake news factory center.

  15. Court Love

    Leave the fckn country i hve no sympathy for them n its only a crisis to white people

  16. Eric Cartman

    Where is CNN's coverage of Christians being victims of cultural genocide throughout the middle east? The destruction of Christian churches and the mass exodus of Christian and Jewish populations from the middle east due to the islamic government sponsored persecution?

  17. paulos2019

    "Pure evil" says the hypocrites CNN. You guys killing millions of people all over the middle East for 20 yrs, that's pure evil. American empire is the pure evil, atleast the Chinese didn't kill people. CNN is fake news.

  18. Paul hornet

    Watch without sound, there's nothing there.

  19. Donald Wiley

    This is what will happen in America when the oligarchs rise around the world and and here in America they will take control. This is why we have a Democracy in American but it's under attack and failing to stand up against the evil that has moved in and contaminated our government.

  20. Hope booster

    Beginning of the end baby ww3

  21. دم الشهداء

    You're threat is not Muslims but traitors amongst yourselves.

  22. Bruh Really

    We care so much about people freedoms but ignore China bs completely

  23. Dan D

    Fake news.

  24. Steppi B.

    Looks like any average area where the US brings "peace and democracy" to the people 😂😂 Are you sad this is not done by US weapons??? 🙅🙅

  25. Noah Clark

    Why did they destroy the graves? No, they didn’t. The pictures and the videos are edited by someone, the west medias are lying, just like what they did in the past, now nobody trusts your west medias, fuck you, assholes.

  26. Heidi Nolen

    Hell won't be hot enough for so many jerks. US, North Korea, and these wastes of space.

  27. دم الشهداء

    Lesser of the two evils. Simple as that.

  28. hafiz muhammadhussain

    This is american propoganda against muslim.Divide and rule.

  29. abdi hassan

    Finally cnn doing some real journalism. I gotta say it , China is the new nazi

  30. Abhijit Naik

    What China is doing in xinjiang similar thing is done by Americans in middle East but some how these media channels justify American actions by saying Americans want to bring stability in these regions, I think both countries have same evil motive that is to dominate the world and make whole world listen to them

  31. reef1963

    Hmmmm this reminded me of the Indian reservation. Nah, it's pale in comparison.

  32. Rango Green

    Just another diversion strategies done by CNN of the US of A to shift attention from the crisis in middle East to xinjiang china because something big is going to happen in the middle East once again…

  33. دم الشهداء

    Now your talking. Get ready.

  34. Mandonava Nava

    Socialism and communism. Both are evil 👿

  35. siyu yang

    Killing uyghurs is the only thing i support ccp

  36. دم الشهداء

    If USA went to war with China, china will be back to the dark ages. Do you china lovers want that because Muslims will help Americans this time since it has freedom of religion. We can learn to forgive them for their misdeeds. China are you ready?

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