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  1. Almetra Briggs

    I enjoy your channel! Once you become a woman of a particular age group, the younger ladies on YouTube are good, but you both are fabulous! I still have enjoy walking through Forever 21 and per your suggestion, I find great earrings at Target! Hugs!💗💕

  2. Diana C.

    thanks for the tips on weight loss. you both look fabulous. I love the health & beauty videos. i have no self control. takes me more than normal to loose, fast to gain. low carb was only thing that worked for me. I tryed intermittent fasting, that really worked. keep going off cause of high stress.

  3. andrealovesproducts

    You didn’t talk too long. I wanted you to talk longer! You probably felt like it was really long bc of the 2 part video. So yeah I get how you mean. But still, I am sad to see my Orchids go! 😊 Can’t wait for more videos!

  4. LaRee Longtin

    Hello Lauren & Karen! Loved this part ✌🏻 video! Thanks for sharing! Yes, gotta love Target! 🙂🙌🏻🧡😺🍃

  5. Casie Lara

    I just love your videos!!!!! I take vitamins I started this year and let me tell you I feel a lot better I'll be 53 next month I didn't like to take anything because it made me feel bloated and constipated😳 but I guess now that we're getting older our bodies need it thank you so much for your video I truly appreciate both of you😘

  6. Marlene Johnston

    Toothpaste link please Karen…thank you!

  7. Lynda M

    Ladies, this was so much fun!! You covered a lot of territory!! I lost over 120 lbs but unfortunately I have gained 40 back just been kind of yo-yoing back and forth with about 7 lbs (gain a few on the weekend and lose it during the week) but started back this week so hopefully I will get the 40 back off. I am saving this video to refer to when I get weak!! Thanks. I am interested to talk about supplements.

  8. Judy Sheppard

    Both of you beautiful ladies are always giving wonderful advice on how to look and feel better. But the best part is the fact you don’t have to do anything at all but you chose to .Cause in the end that’s what it is all about, reaching out and helping one another. I am so greatful I found your chanal.

  9. Kimmy Chouki

    Omg I have been a fan from the very beginning but these two Q&A videos are just fantastic. You are both so genuine and honest and your tips are always so good. Honestly, my favorite you tubers hands down! Thank you so much!

  10. Stephanie Boush

    You were so generous in sharing in this video. Thank you! I loved our "girl talk!" Karen, I couldn't find the toothpaste you mentioned linked. I'll try to search for it. I really think that the happiness that shines through in both of you is your best beauty secret of all! XO

  11. skierty2

    Karen and Lauren, enjoyed the Q & A….I think you both look beautiful can tell all the things you are incorporating are working. I believe in supplements for health a lot don',t but I can see the difference in my health for sure. Thanks for all the hard work you do on your videos….I truly enjoy them….have a blessed rest of the week…..xoxo…Debbie

  12. Toni Huss

    What is the best tuna to buy please ?

  13. Mindy Q

    Loved the video! You both are such a delight to watch. You make my day better with your positivity! You both are so inspirational Thanks for sharing! Love & blessings to you both! 🤗❤️👍🏻

  14. Kim Arnold

    I emailed you both about information on your supplements. I also take them but always curious on ones that are working for people. Thanks so much, great video.

  15. Kathy Blake

    Thanks for info❤️

  16. diannedugan

    So interesting and fun! I would love to hear about your supplements. How can I learn more? Thank you!

  17. Melinda Stainbrook

    So inspiring!!!! Thank you

  18. Michelle Harris

    I have been mixing cottage cheese and Greek yogurt for years now. I call it my “breakfast pudding”. Enjoyable vlog today, thanks!

  19. 1queenruler

    What’s the name of the recipe website you mentioned, kinda cut out.

  20. Marie Ybarra

    Here is my email mariady24@yahoo.com would like to know what supplements you take

  21. Sara Loucy-Swartz

    This was great! You both are lovely! 🥰

  22. Marybeth Fowler

    Lilly’s chocolate is sooooo good. Made with stevia so no sugar spike. I think it tastes like reg chocolate

  23. Martha Inks

    I’ve been trying some of the clean food crush recipes and have really liked them. You girls have inspired me in so many way for the past few months. I was really stuck in a rut and you both have helped me pick myself back up and I’m loving getting back to my old self. Thank you both

  24. Leslie Hardin

    Supplements are ok for some people to lose weight ….the really obese, but if your depending on it as the weight lose tool aren’t you going to gain it back when you stop the supplements?

  25. Sue Luft

    I am also doing low carb. Love eating this way this is great video blessings ❤️

  26. Tammy Valle

    The video wasn't long enough, lol ! Thank you for sharing!

  27. Dianne M

    Love you 2 girls! Thanks for sharing your lives with us! xo

  28. Chantal A

    25.000!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 I love u girls! Love all your content

  29. Jeanie Turner

    Love your Q&A. I was glad to find out about the way you eat as I have started a low carb way of life. Hanks for answering that question.

  30. teatuk1965

    Oooh and part 2.I love you I can not tell you enough.

  31. Rosalind Hambleton

    So interesting ! You both look gorgeous and happy .. Thank you again oxox

  32. pateaster16

    Can you please send info on the toothpaste you use.
    Thank you😊
    I enjoy watching you both!

  33. Suzanne Legg

    These was such interesting videos. Loved them!

  34. rose11654

    Loved this part 2. I am going to try these tips on weight loss. Thanks for sharing! Great video! 😀.

  35. Julie Monroe

    Part 2 yesssss….You ladies do a great job eating healthy. Always looking so fashionable. You both run around constantly and that helps keep your weight down!!! Just love you to pieces! Having each other is key to success. 💕💕💕💕

  36. Carlie's Mom

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED Part 2 and you both are so wonderful to share your answers with your viewers! I am a fan of your channel for life! Thank you for sharing and God bless.

  37. Blonde LLB

    Great video-so down to earth and relatable. I love my wine with dinner. How do you incorporate your wine when you are out with your friends or even home in the evenings?

  38. Cbouchard4

    Please tell me about your supplements 😊

  39. gina johnson

    You two are BEAUTIFUL inside and out!!!!💕

  40. Kelley Sisler

    Woo hoo another upload! Love you ladies.

  41. Neiomi Polo

    🤗 yay part 2!

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