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  1. obsidianstatue

    for the demagogues of the comment section, I urge you not to watch financial channels that uses facts and numbers and trend as their news. because you won't find the irrational anti-China McCarthyism here.

  2. Bam Bam

    Chinese are going to India… I feel india is good place for investment.. check this out- https://youtu.be/Xckc8J-y4Y4

  3. Bam Bam

    Lol.. Chinese people are making fools… and everyone knows it..

  4. mountain man

    Never trust Chinese governments.

  5. davidgrg117

    American entrepreneurs chance having China taking over their business take away intellectual property.

  6. MikeCharlieAlpha

    The organ market.

  7. Shelley Fitch

    Whatever you do, entrepreneurs, don't join Falun Gong.

  8. lokiloki861

    Why are you guys ignoring 130 million stolen from Ukraine from Hunter Bidens company?

  9. Marky Mark

    Democrats!!! Doing their dirty deals with China!!

  10. Adam Stone

    Nuke China

  11. Hey Kim

    Hope they all perish. Traitors

  12. Gavin

    It looks like this video triggered the China hawks.

  13. Broken Arrow

    Someone explain how Bloomberg got so pro China and so antisemitic?

  14. Randy Lafferty

    Fuck China #hongkong

  15. Tazangamoz

    Absolutely not lady! China steals intellectual property and not to mention liars. And yes they might be investing in China but with US dollars. People get your money out of CHINA!

  16. Mark Wilson

    You're leaving out the most important part. American Companies are exiting China daily.

  17. mountopian 1

    Nobody says "Chiinuh" better than Trump.

  18. Amy Knorr

    Regarding the Royal Family, of which I am a member of:

    We all would have fared better if we permit the family dynamic to remain intact even if we worked solo within that dynamic. Operatives should not have permit underworld negative doctrine to physically affect the Royal Family dynamic. Proper maintenance is always in order.

    It should be permitted that wings of the dynamic could be "down" until things are figured out.

    Judgment should not be cast before things reach solution.

    Proper protocol for those paying standard Penance should be practiced. This area needs  development.


    We can accept each other as the family members that we are and our Traditional roles in the Court.

    Without stress or judgement, we can lay issues and suggestions on the table for restoration.


    Faux Ancient World family members extinct from the dynamic for 2500+ years, who have patterned reunions with the extreme underworld, such as Polita Barnes and Juliet Joslin, are not part of this thus are not invited.

    Imagine a working doll house replicating the overall Ruling House with halls or "wings" of all Ruling Houses.

    Let us permit this to be a permanent structure of family, in sickness and in health, even if a few of the "wings" are currently down for repairs.

    Let's assess our ship's "seaworthiness".

    Imagine an illustration of the branches or "wings" of the Master Royal Extended Family Tree overlayed onto a Map of Britain, demonstrating the traditional dynamic of the Royal Family Members next to a history schedule that marks the future of Royal positions and projects.

    Don't feel up to par? Let's work on getting that way.

    We have to clean up and organize the Royal Subsidized Compensation Program and get a solid grip because WE OWE A LOT!

    To make London more perceivable to Great Britain and as the center of the country, Queen Fergus designed Big Ben clock and bell tower in the tenth century during the war with Germany. 
    A lighthouse lantern lit up the face of the clock while a loud bell chimed over the land. Amy Knorr is the bloodline descendant of Fergus Chorto MacLeod.

    This has been sent to the government.

  19. User Account

    "Healthcare innovation"
    (organ harvesting and human experimentation on concentration camps victims)? $$$

  20. Iron Throne

    Is she a robot ? YES SHE IS💯

  21. Are See

    Put money in China and you will have a great deal of difficulty getting it out. Ask a lot of the companies that have done it. Read Robert Spalding's STEALTH WAR. Only a fool and his money would invest in China.

  22. Joey Big Things Poppin

    The same can be said for the U.S however markets will show Trumps bubble because of his failed GDP growth..Merry Christmas poor Americans the 1% celebrate their success !

  23. YodaGrammar l

    It is time we realized that keyboard nationalists who shout, rage, yell about China on the internet comment sections dont represent any of the smart, capable, or rich people in the real world, because they usually dont have time like us to come to YouTube to do this shit.

  24. R T

    This piece of shit would be pro China. Fuck Bloomberg.

  25. John Austin

    China: Where authorities can raid your offices in search of IP to steal!

  26. Robert Hedrick

    Gee, why might this be? The World Economic Forum calculates that China had at least 4.7 million recent STEM grads as of 2016; India had 2.6 million as of 2017; the U.S. pulls in at third at 568,000. Not Chinese, theft, not slave labor – hard work and brains.

  27. Robert

    The flood of China began when Clinton normalized relations with the communist nation.

  28. gerry etheridge

    We will not purchase their products either. USA, USA,USA…

  29. Prince Tomle

    China don't have the power to change the weather and control the path you want it to go or make it sunny or clouds up the hole sky. its all ready been test so fall at 100% to 0% feel we produce up in American .

  30. Natural Man

    By entrepreneurs they mean guys who want cheap slave and child labor.

  31. - Eth

    Absurd………moving to a country that doesn't respect intellectual property, the environment, extinct animals or human life. This is all CCP propaganda.

  32. Mark Skarfnweld

    Chuck Fina .. Right up the ole yellow river!

  33. AWretchLikeThee

    Damn they're both hot. Decisions, decisions…

  34. wweeks

    This is cheap Chinese propaganda. Read any article in the last 10 years

  35. Guybrush Threepwood

    Taste of dog growing on them?

  36. Black Powder

    Screw Communist China

  37. oSo

    Lol such fake news 😆 nobody here wants to continue doing business with China

  38. bsharrard

    Nice like ratio bloombutt! You guys SUCK!!!

  39. Dissaifer

    This is a lie. China is kicking out foreigners as fast as they can.

  40. Mr.Woo Woo


  41. cazmaniandevil1

    OMG so woke. Lets put most of our citizens in gulag camps, and put nets in the windows of the factories. So they can't kill themselves rather than be slaves. What an amazing woke country. Diversity is our strength.

  42. 5KindsOfSmoke

    Why are their face cheeks bigger than their boobs?

  43. Tron_23

    This just in China promotes medical technology that they stole……..this isn't news.

  44. H Pn

    They must be idiots to start paying tarriffs.
    Build in USA is cheaper unless you like communism.

  45. John Jones

    Start the company in China? Great idea if you want your company seized by the CCP. What fool would invest there?

  46. Juan martinez

    Stop ALL trade with China. China sucks. Obama sucks.

  47. YOO HOO


  48. Charles Dean

    Also China is not the biggest market in the world thats false information… They are the biggest sellers or to be accurate whole sale sellers!!

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