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  1. 飛升期高手茬座的各位

    Our family believes more in ancestors. If we have trouble, we will pray to our dead relatives instead of praying to God.

  2. TheAngelAlmond


  3. yan lulu

    那个石雕,整个游戏里final boss的感觉

  4. KhmerD0g

    So is all about trading and making monies in China. And I thought they were commies.

  5. Peter Wang

    Amazing you don’t have a local guide and feel at ease traveling alone,maybe your previous life was a Chinese.

  6. horse atsea

    🎤 茶葉廠既人講普通話好似廣東話🤭

  7. ghhj1 TT

    xiexie ni; thank you

  8. Moon

    Firstly, I subscribed your channel… After you focused more in religion then I did unsubscribe…

  9. Moon

    There are lot of common things between Hinduism and Buddhism… Even Hindu pray Buddha as lord vishnu… But Christian and muslim are monotheism belief… They claimed all non Christian and non muslim will be go hell… Non Believer also go hell…

  10. Phlegethon

    Lol Fujian remained the top exporter until India took over….high quality Fujian tea isn’t exported. It also takes a whole country to export more than a single province of China

  11. Shengrong Wu


  12. 冯国飞

    why not meet you in quanzhou?I went to quanzhou on December 25 and also went to kaiyuan temple

  13. Penny Martin

    It’s not surprising to find Buddhist temples on a Hindu sites. Buddhism is arguably an offshoot of Hinduism

  14. Gulitz Tse

    We need more westerners coming over just to see our culture.
    Every australian who went came back with positive comments and specially the way they were treated.
    Don't listen to western propaganda… have a look for yourself, it is really a surveillance that they watch your every move…. BUT put it this way..,. google, facebook, mcdonalds, all know where you are anyways lol. the difference you accepted terms and conditions. Ask blondie how often you see police or anything bad.

  15. Kirsi Che

    I am so glad that my hometown is introduced. Thank u so much for making this video!!

  16. 湾湾的哥哥

    after quanzhou you should go to zhangzhou there are some amazing building which called Tulou

  17. Pplla 78

    The true freedom of religion it's in China!

  18. jixiong Xiao

    omg you go to my hometown! Have fun!

  19. 陈井之


  20. Kevin Cui

    1 learned more history and was more entertained in this 10 minute video than many 2 hour documentaries…. Good job Amy

  21. hongjie su

    WOW, as a long-time subscriber it's my pleasure to see your trip to my hometown

  22. W_ Tsai

    My hometown !! With beautiful multiple culture !! I miss it so much 😭😭enjoy your trip !

  23. Ant B

    That Religion is a bit of a touchy subject at the moment, but then again, Religion is mostly just barely tolerated…

  24. colin chew

    I learnt so much more about the history and culture of China from your video series than from any western textbook !!

  25. Ronin Thanks

    Shitty Scomo should definitely offer you a role in his cabin

  26. Qiu S

    A lot of ancestors of Taiwanese residents today came from QuanZhou, Fujian.

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