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  1. Sonalchitranshi

    I think the movie had a very decent punch. The idea behind it was wonderful…..the movie could have been a little tight . Liked Rajkumar Boman and Paresh….proves that when you take good actors it will turn out to be entertaining.
    Amaira Dastur wasted.

  2. janak Sachdev

    Rajeev masand what about housefull 4 review

  3. abhishek pal

    movie was excellent

  4. mohan raj

    Ab iska review dekh ke kaun movie jayega,now we got unbiased review from common people by filmi fever,angry rantman etc…

  5. Graceful Jellyfish

    Nigel speaks well haha !!

  6. silvester staloney

    You stop paying money to YouTube for recommending your videos all over the channel, nobody wants to see your videos it's very annoying !

  7. Atul Kulve

    Hahaha look who is talking about script. Hope people realize that you are not genuine critic.

  8. Appyractive

    Bc Kya bol raha hai.

  9. mansoor khan

    Rajkumaar be selective with ur movies……. We are disappointed by both ur movies dis year.. As we go only to watch u…. U r a great actor but movie k stories mein power hona chaiye as ayushmaan khuranas

  10. mansoor khan

    Kya ye isi k legs hein??? 😂😂😂

  11. Rahul kkr

    Hey salt nd pepper u do at least 1 short film … As Sandeep Vanga rightly said these people ar more dangerous than piracy maker's.

  12. Khushboo Shah

    Oh God this man never says any positive words about any movie.

  13. DAN YI

    CNN=China Negative News

  14. Rajat Agarwal

    This bastard reviews movie and produce his video in max 480p.

  15. mugiwara pirates

    Are tum log chutiye ho gye ho kya jo Rajeev masand ka review dekhne aye ho. Jake dekho record me …

  16. Aniket Singh

    Review rkho yaar… Spoilers q de dete ho itnaa😤

  17. Mehta Avneesh

    3.5/5 Thoroughly enjoyable Film…. pretty Fresh to begin with and even towards the End… & all that lies in between… so the Actors are top notch in their performances… be it Rajkumar or mouni and even the crucial characters including the Chinese lady!! 🙂

  18. Rupdeep Saha

    Paid review

  19. Sarthak Singh

    Rajeev Masand has become a total sellout. Bata how much did Nadiadwala pay you to spill all spoilers and thrash this movie to drive Housefull 4?

  20. Redwan Ahmed

    Surely going to watch the movie

  21. Anurag Basu

    Fat little pimp of Bollywood mafia

  22. Malay Ghodasara

    Some doesn't think there is difference between giving review and 'story telling'!!!

  23. Rishiraj Mukherjee

    poora story bol do bc

  24. Lazy Ass

    Gujarati Director Mikhil Musale's 2nd venture. Hope it works. His first movie wrong side raju was amazing.

  25. nitesh bundele


  26. War 2.5 star
    Now highest grosser of 2019
    Don't take his word's

  27. Abhishek Biswas

    Even Paresh acted well but u didn't mention

  28. nitin gupta


  29. Bhagbat Marndi

    Film bana naa tu itna jaanta hai to tere paas paise nai hai filmon kisi buraai kar kar ke paisa kama raha hai

  30. Dan Brown

    Why was Lal Kaptaan not reviewed by you?!?!

  31. Krishanu Goswami

    I loved the climax of the movie. And please, you cannot guess that like rajeev said.

  32. meer mohd

    Actors roundtable for 2019 (suggestions):
    1. Hrithik Roshan (super 30 and War)
    2. Salman Khan (Bharat and dabang 3)
    3. Shahid Kapoor ( Kabir Singh)
    4. Tiger Shroff (War)
    5. Vicky Kaushal (Uri)
    6. Ayushmann ( article 15, dream girl and Bala)
    7. Akshay kumar(would want to know why he chose a film like HF after such good films like Kesari and MM?!😆)
    8. Ranveer singh (GB)
    9.John Abraham (balts house)
    10. Sushant (chichore)

    Now if you had to pick 5-6 out of these…who would it be ??

  33. Sandeep Kumar

    One time watch as it has good humor

  34. Vlogger Megha

    you gave away the entire movie plot 😭

  35. vishnu jadhav

    What about HF4¿

  36. boom bom

    ⭐⭐1/2 thank me later

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