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  1. Xavier Maragh élève


  2. MisterCool

    Trump was talking about currency manipulation and how the deal should address it (BTW, India is not part of TPP either). He was using China and India as examples of countries that he alleges use currency manipulation in trade with other countries.

  3. Gjermund

    I laugh at all the ignorant people here.. But it's also sad how easily they have manipulated you. In most cases it's the minority who actually cares about digging deep, while the majority is like sheeple and just mindlessly follows the flock. TPP is undemocratic and it's for big corporations only..

  4. cpsb667

    Trump is an idiot. He knows nothing about politics and Washington. That's why he is now looking for a VP that does. Why don't we vote for his VP selection instead and trump can bankrupt a couple more businesses while his VP runs the country.

  5. Mo Fo

    I've read the TPPA. Most of its sections grants companies unlimited suing rights and hinders governments and courts from restricting, or prosecuting, corporate misconduct. If Trump or Bernie become presidential candidates, I'll vote for either, because both have vehemently opposed it.

  6. Kronos camron


  7. laura bruner

    chinas taken down usa but yet china makes his things for him wtf

  8. chao fiona

    china,china…why do not American look internally…who control the media…who really control the goverment …who is the real designer of ttp…who is using us as a weapon to exploit poor people in the world…making china as a puclic target,behind which these people do whatever they want …

  9. ganzo

    haha, we have actors running for the office.

  10. Wang Bo

    Trump talks like a boss !

  11. JingerMM

    Mistaken Republic of China (Taiwan) as China (People's Republic of China)?

  12. Jason Johannsen


  13. TheRealOGKen

    I guess it's easy to point fingers at China for "currency manipulation" resulting in "job loss." God forbid China make things cheaper for us to buy and consume. Have we ever sat down and seriously discussed how our standard of living has greatly improved because we are able to consume more products because they are more affordable??

  14. TheRealOGKen

    Trump is all over the place

  15. Kanrry Kang

    Mr. Trump is quite racist…….

  16. Kane

    He wasn't even talking about the TPP here.

  17. Marius Haugan Lillegjære

    Rand Paul is a guy with very, very bad political ideas. But that I can at the very least live with. Disagreements are a natural healthy part of democracy. Now, Donald Trump is clearly just stupid. But that's not what I can't accept. What I can't accept is that so many Americans are so stupid they think Donald Trump is smart.

  18. Armand Rossi

    obviously Donald never read the agreement

  19. Theboy 314


  20. KYfishguy

    He never said it was part of the deal. Merly used it as an example to make his point.

  21. scarygary5678


  22. dada lala

    Trump got TRUMPED!

  23. Sam The Man


  24. Frosty the Bear

    Trump yet again proves that he is a chump.

  25. World Shaper

    Ooooooh that even hurt me and I'm 10 000 miles away. They should have shown Trumps face.

  26. StreetArtillery

    Trump insinuating that he read almost 6,000 pages of the deal backfired big time

  27. Howard Ackerman


  28. KrutoyPostowoy

    Did he say china was part of TPP? No lol, Paul embarassed himself.

  29. timothy abbott

    He didn't directly say it was part of this deal. he said currency manipulation. he pointed out that we have lots of bad trade deals including china. he was vague on purpose because he didn't read the 6000pg deal. he's campaigning everyday

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