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  1. Jeremy Weaver

    You should react to Times Dimash Had Fun With His Voice Or Forgot He Is Human. It’s a compilation of some of his most amazing vocals (mainly from his early career/lesser known performances) and is so much fun to watch.

  2. Over Here

    Can you react to Dimash – Daybreak (Bastau version), and turn the subtitles on so that you understand the song

  3. marcela mercado

    Una bestia ! sublime

  4. Hans de Ruiter

    Nice reaction. You know with Dimash if he performs he will give 110%. I think Freddie Mercury would have been proud. I think this was the song to which Brian May congratulated him for a job well done. Greetings from Amsterdam.

  5. Jacquie Mouton

    This song was written by Freddie Mercury, when he knew he had Aids. Queen song.

  6. PTX Dear 95

    Love this one…..I grew up on Queen and not many people can sing their songs. I would love to see Dimash & Adam Lambert do a rock collab. Dimash did an amazing Queen Medley as a guest on SINGER 2019 with SUPER VOCAL (the video is on several Facebook pages).

  7. Maan T. A

    you are no doubt a Dear sir! please continue reacting to this great singer.😍, love from Philippines

  8. Maria Andrews

    Dimash Lay down or Give me your love Ogni Pietra

  9. BelleNewman

    I’ve been enjoying your reactions – thanks for another good one!
    This was the first time the Singer 2017 viewers saw Dimash’s ‘trademark’ knee drop – when asked later if it hurt, he said that while performing, he felt no pain. Another contestant gave him a pair of knee pads for protection, but I don’t think he ever actually wore them – however, it’s noticeable that he’s more careful now, when going down on his knees!

  10. Laura Alkhaz

    You will never find better than Dimash. Yes, you should take your vacation to New York to see Dimash Live! You may also want to check out someone I think you would enjoy named Hua Chenyu. He sings, he rocks, he raps and in my second behind of course Dimash! Try this one, Code Contra.

  11. Rose-Marie Strandenwik

    The greatest voice on this planet..!!
    Thank you so much for reacting to the One and Only ✨DIMASH✨!
    GREAT reactions, really, really enjoy them! 🙏🙏
    Love and Peace from Dimash-fan in Sweden 💖🤗

  12. Verna Engelmann

    Once again, another awesome reaction. Can you please react to All By Myself, thank you!

  13. MJ Mckenrick

    Bravo!! Gotta come to NY dude!! See him live!!

  14. Said Basar

    Please react goher mumtaz song dilharey Pepsi battle of bands

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