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  1. Jednorożec Ciastko

    Almost like your hair, just curly

  2. Biancocary白鹅


  3. Sora Desu

    Noo you looked adorable with bangs!!

  4. Pecan

    Yumi just bought my hair, while im trying to buy wigs that look like her hair XD

  5. Tiarra Isaiah

    It looks so beautiful on you❤️ I would pluck the middle part and some in the front to help look more natural. Watch videos on YouTube on how to pluck lace front wigs. It’ll helps make it look like it’s growing out your head

  6. littlemonster kiddo

    I can't….you look so cute in that wig😊

  7. Selena Bonilla

    It makes the face shape look rounder instead of oval.

  8. WaxestLowa732 R

    Thank You 🌸

  9. Spoopy Alice

    Yumi don't forget to trim the lace on the wig!

  10. Jane Chandria Fontabuella

    Ok i change my mind. I said a rude thing I'm so sorry. Waaaahhhh i cannot. Sorry.

  11. Sara Ling

    It looks really natural with that lace!

  12. Delia Mihaela

    you look like Lily from Modern Family.

  13. MrsSandyCandy

    You are so cute ❤️🤗

  14. Kimberly Caraballo

    I'm so glad to see you're still making videos <3 Keep up the great work!
    -A returning fan.

  15. Daniella

    Oh dear. It's been a while since I visited your channel. I'm surprised, your videos have changed, it's like it's a new channel.
    But if it makes you happy it's okay 😊

  16. 1,000 with no Video?

    You have fake bangs?

  17. I'mFRANCIAchan

    it looks cute on you :3

  18. Alabanza

    yay weave

  19. xToxicFlamex

    I really like how this wig looks on you, your so gorgeous!

  20. Tokyo Barbie

    You look like a doll…do a look book wit it

  21. cheinei

    Sometimes they get the hair from dead people.
    I wouldn't wear someone else hear because most of that human hair comes from the same Indian temple. The women cut their hair to cleanse themselves. So essentially you are wearing someone else's spiritual waste.

  22. cho yu yeung

    hey yumi! Your clothes looks very nice😘☺ can u tell me where can i buy it?

  23. Felix Neck

    Would you ever want to make asmr videos? I bet people would watch them

  24. Mary_Me

    i think yumi wants to try new hair style but she’s afraid to cut her hair so just went to different wig. i also want to try other hairstyle but i want my original hair to be the safe after. lol…

    thinking of 100% human hair wig, it also makes me think of where it comes from. i watched some video who donate their hair but some people also say it came from yah know? people who already disappeared in this world. 🤭

  25. Shi Hui Toh

    I think you should cut bangs cause it looks cute on you

  26. Hedidi 123

    Do asmr video

  27. Kawaii Demon

    wow she's so freaked out over human hair XD , girl us black people wear human hair all the time its called a sew in XD

  28. Gusibo

    Better with bangs

  29. Nightmare Chica

    Could you do a video about your anti-aging secrets and tips ?

  30. I Luvs HakuYuki

    I think it really suits you! And it does make your face look smaller. 💜❤

  31. Ashley Kelly

    You look very beautiful in your new wig Yumi

  32. M P

    Hi Yumi!!! The wig looks great on you but so does your real hair Luv it!!! ☺👍

  33. Mégane Pelletier

    You should look at videos about how to finesse lace front wigs to make them look better. It usually involves not only cutting the lace, but also plucking hair along the hairline and hair part as well as trimming some baby hairs. This would make the front of the wig look less like a wig 🙂 Other than that, I think wavy hairstyles really suit you! I especially loved the short one in your previous video.

  34. Eve Z.

    I think it looks nicer with bangs… it looks too fake without them

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