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  1. Yuji Shuto

    Mark of good quality is almost same of mark of bad quality. funny China go away

  2. AintBigAintClever

    The label on the rear of an Xbox 360 has a CE mark matching the one shown on the right.
    http://www.ixbt.com/consoles/images/info_xbox360/xbox360ph_rear_right.jpg" alt="评论" style="width:auto; height:auto" />

  3. dale f

    Why is certification made so complicated? CE, RCM, UL, C-Tick, EMC – the list goes on and the only companies benefiting are the certifying companies and would imagine the government also?

    I am trying to import some lighting into Australia from China. They say they have CE certification but how do you find out if this is legitimate? Is there not a database which can be checked?

  4. Wig4

    Vector, you really don't understand a single bit. Of course there are so many products made in China, for the European market, conforming the European product safety regulations. They then can bear the "Conformité Europeenne" mark. The "China Export" mark is used as a SCAM for products that do not comply. Importers on safe conformity can be prosecuted.

  5. Elizabeth Pavlaki

    There is a lot of confusion here since European products made under licence in China ( cheaper to produce due to reduced labour costs) would be expected to comply with the European standards.

  6. Vectorrr

    I will allways buy in china… i dont want to pay something 400$ more only because someone said that is CE. The funny thing is that a lot of CE products are made in china…so this video says a lot of bullshit.

  7. Ayrshore

    What a crock of shit – no "china export" mark exists, and DOZENS of legit CE marked items from reputable suppliers have the 'wrong' spacing – such as Acer keyboards (the one I'm using) and Xbox360s.

  8. hercule hades

    quelle bande de batards ! ca me degoute !

    fucking bastards ! this is just disgusting !

  9. Tushar Mahajan

    Thanks alot for posting this video. this information will be usefull not only in Europe but in all other countries as well.

  10. TyYann

    Mais eux aussi peuvent se planter. D'ailleurs, dans la video des vrais logos présentés, on en voit un "faux", le 3e, venant pourtant d'Allemagne. Allez voir HoaxBuster et faites vous une opinion !

  11. Lexoka

    En d'autres termes, il ne s'agit pas d'une volonté délibérée du gouvernement chinois de tromper les consommateurs européens, mais d'une pratique des industriels chinois qui, eux, ne s'en privent pas.

    Au passage, les députés européens ne sont généralement pas versés dans l'art du canular…

  12. Lexoka

    Non, ce n'est pas un canular, une fois n'est pas coutume, Hoaxbusters s'est planté.

    Effectivement, CE ne signifie pas "China Export", i.e. il ne s'agit pas d'un logo officiel indiquant que c'est une exportation chinoise. "China Export" est un nom que l'on utilise pour désigner les logos qui cherchent à imiter le logo "Conformité Européenne".

  13. TyYann

    It's a HOAX!
    C'est un cannular !

  14. Socol Ionut

    congratulation for posting this video

  15. duke6991

    Enfoirés de chinois…

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