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  1. Rogue Rocket

    Are you recycling wrong? Do you think you'll focus on the REDUCE, and REUSE part of the song? Did you know about any of this? Let us know in the comments down below!

  2. Sir Random

    World: China stop polluting and, here take my garbage
    China bans foreign garbage
    World: shocked pikachu

  3. RedTeamOmega

    That "contaminated " comment was spot on

  4. RedTeamOmega

    I work in recycling, china and India have both completely banned ldpe (typ of plastic film) from coming in the country , made a huge impact on the industry and my personal work place

  5. Mc Anna

    PLEEEAAAAASEEE be part of #TeamTrees!! they're trying to plant 20,000,000 trees before 2020!!

    or search the videos of Mark Rober, Mr Beast or Pewdiepie where they explain it better.

  6. ThunderGod97

    Recently moved to Michigan, one of the states that requires retailers to collect a deposit on certain recyclable items, to be returned when the consumer returns them for recycling. This results $2.40 being added to every 24 pack of pop. The only recycling we do right now is the pop cans we regularly produce. I think we would do more if we had curbside recycling, but we don't where we live, only garbage collection. We also live in a much smaller town that is isolated…and not near a large metro area.

    When I go get more pop at Mejier, I take whatever bags of cans we've collected at that point and put them through the machines at Mejier. The machines scan the barcode on the can before taking it in, and will reject any cans that it can't read or have a bar code that doesn't match the system (I've only had one can rejected outright so far). Each bag nets us about $10 in returned deposit. That would be money just wasted if we didn't recycle, so it is very much an incentive to recycle.

    One of the big problems with this system is fraud from out of state people who return in MI. Since where they bought their containers didn't collect a deposit, it's essentially stealing money from the collections done by the retailers who actually do collect deposits. The problem is…the can manufacturers stamp the MI 10 cents on pretty much all the cans…I saw them all the time in IL. So people think they can return them there and get free money. They don't realize the system requires them to have deposited money when they bought the can. Before I moved to MI I didn't realize how the system worked.

    Where I used to live in IL (western Chicago burbs) had curbside single stream recycling. Basically I had a second bin I would throw all my recycling stuff into.

  7. Carlo Jones

    Got the wrong degrees so my resume be getting trashed.🤕
    AAS BA not in chemistry
    But i say superheat the trash and catch the carbon and other by products what ever they maybe.
    Mayo jar with mayo don't got nothing on 2k heat stream. 🤯

    Molecules are molecules what do we need to break them up.
    The consumers being made to bear this burden is only part of the solution. Will the chemical plant buy the oil i make from plastic pyrolysis. No, these sale markets are shut out.
    More drilling, instead of BP buying oil from recycled plastics.
    When any entrepreneur can sell his waste recycled pyrolysis plastics returned to oil, to any gas station to make new gasoline on site..
    We put men on the moon so dont doubt this…🤯🤪
    Drive up to gas station with some plastic and drive off with the equivalent amont of fuel. 🤯
    Supermarkets must take back the plastic and then give a credit to consumers. The oil companies must collect this waste and recycle it.
    Let all trash be like the 5cent bottle deposit… now its treasured.
    Capitalism model for venture capital doesn't apply here ..yet.
    5years to show profit but strick socialism in the first year. 🤕🤪🤯

  8. Maria Serrano

    My city just stopped offering recycling. 🙁

  9. Lunos Nocturne

    Unless flat-earthers are right and the earth is actually an endless minecraft server, there are finite raw materials on this planet and we cannot have anything ultimately be downcycled forever if we want to be indefinitely sustainable.

    We have to put more effort into researching and developing better methods of recycling. The question is how soon it's going to become urgent and how soon it's going to become critical.

  10. mindlesstube

    ban plastic for stuff that we can do without stop making plastic toys, plastic 1 time use items unless something we need medically or of some important use.

  11. MrElaaks

    There has just been a "scandal" here in Denmark.
    According to the "Denmark needs to be the greenset country" there is a requirement for waste disposal factories to recycle minimum 70% of all waste they recieve.
    They sell it to Germany that sells it onwards. It has been tracked to Malaysia, where they burn it.
    If I remember the numbers correcly the factories recycle about 30%.
    Here is a link if you can somehow transelate it.
    It is not the best source, but I think it covers the incident reasonably.

  12. Noelle Strobridge

    Higher taxes on water bottles

  13. BUBBA4428

    Why are you guys labeling this as music so your audience can't do picture in picture?

  14. BUBBA4428

    You guys are actually making me smarter

  15. fiveohfivethree

    I am currently on holiday and we can't drink the tap water so we are going through one plastic 5 litre bottle of water a day. When I have guests stay at my home they are constantly surprised that we can drink the tap water (and put toilet paper down the toilet). It makes me genuinely sad that I am drinking water that was bottled 1600 miles away.
    From what I have read many of the other islands in the area use desalination plants for their mains water and are a long way away technologically from being able to drink the water. Apparently we are also a million miles away from being able to run our plastic recyclables through a dry wash that eliminates the biological contaminants…I mean, if we can somehow do this with our clothes, why isn't the science there to do it with plastic?

  16. PeaNuT BuTTer

    One of my neighbors in my apartment complex keeps putting garbage on the ground by the dumpster (even when empty), puts dog poop in the recycling bin, and puts rotten fruit in bags (compost) on top of the recycling bin! Like I’m so tired of this shit!

  17. David Kay

    I live in a small Midwest town that just burns everything we throw away. We put plastics and cans in the recycle bins but they have recently just started burning it all. And now I know why. Thank you.

  18. Chri Elise

    Find it extremely telling how the countries mentioned at the end who've banned one-use plastics are the same list of countries who sold recyclables to china at the beginning…. except for the US.

  19. Killary Witch

    Good, but I'd like to see more investigation into how some countries are dealing with their waste. India has low class communities who litterally extract every usable thing of value, even old mean is found and fed to animals for example. Germany has a super strict sorting program, not sure how they recycle beyond that, but many cold & baltic countries have incinerators which generate heat in winter and power in summer, though there has been some controversy around them burning recylable items! Part 2 please 👍

  20. Jane Doe

    I would recycle more if it wasn't so darn expensive. I'm a recent college grad so there isn't a lot of extra cash to go towards paying a recycling bill as well as a garbage bill. I try to bring in my paper trash to work to recycle there, but they don't have glass/plastic recycling since most of our business's waste is paper.

  21. Korryn Tyndall

    Blue whale illustration was awkward. Felt like you'd seen other places do something similar but wanted to DIY a mass comparison, but it didn't really work. The reason "fill the state of Texas 10 feet deep with quarters" works is because it gives a visual illustration that people can vaguely estimate, at least enough to say "wow that's more than I can really think about." But blue whales are known to have a pretty small population so even the fact that they're big and "that's more than all the blue whales on earth" doesn't really hit you, because it just makes you go "huh, but aren't there only a few blue whales though? I wonder how much that actually represents." It tells you big, but possibly not incomprehensibly so, we're not sure, because we haven't been given all the numbers to make that work in our minds. Nor should we be–you spent too much time on that analogy already, no need to say "and there are x number of blue whales extant" 😛

  22. Magnetar 117

    Is seems to be a common theme for all of us to have someone else deal with problems without coming up with a plan just in case things go sideways. Then when things do o sideways we panic and do the stupid thing first instead of thinking things through. where I live got hit by this this maybe a few months after the thing with China happened. New rules were put on our recycling bins. Someone told me they may just be burning it all I really hope that's not true.

  23. Leelior

    …so, instead of actually building paper plants that can re-use paper and factories that can melt down plastic, metal and glass, the capitalists just said " Meh" and didn't do sh*t? wtf!? Just take some moolah from the 1% and smack-down a few factories in every state and BAM! You can recycle all the way to the f*cking moon!

    Can we get a "good" rich person plz? Cuz I doubt Elon's gonna get on this if he hasn't already so… Can I just get all the money in the world and I'll show ya'll how to invest in the future! Seriously!

  24. LetsTerriblyPlay

    @4:25 love that his tiny little bin says "we recycle". Do you now? Keep up the OK work!

  25. U M


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