Recycling for kids, 5 ways to keep your kids busy and happy for hours

The recycling for the children keeps the children busy. Reducing, reusing and recycling is the free way to entertain children and help them focus and let them think and create. If you want a cheap way to make them happy, then recycle.

Let the process interact and let the kids think about how to turn everyday objects into functional items. To get their creative juices flowing and inspire them to watch the items of the day in different ways, get books from the library, Google Images, print out some images and keep them in sight to keep them thinking and recycle.

feel from

 . Recycle old jumpers and make felt. Use soap to clean the old jumper in the machine with thermal cycling [90] and rinse with a cold cycle. Drying or laying flat in the dryer, the heat of the water usually causes damage, if you are not satisfied with the density of the melt [shrinking jumper], repeat the process. The film is cut into pieces when drying is started and produced.

2. Shrink plastic flowers. from

  The incoming plastic container salad can be converted into personalized jewelry, key rings or brand names. Permanent markers, scissors, tinfoil and oven. In the mark, heart shape, floral cut out of plastic and color design, any design can be used. If used for jewelry or brand name, the plastic cut can be perforated. Bake the oven on a 300 degree tin foil for 1 to 5 minutes. calm.

3. Origami. from

  Download origami instructions on how to make flowers, boats and dolls. Collect all spam, old newspapers and phone books and use these pages to make items.

4. Milk carton from

 . More useful than you think. Let the bird house cut sideways to create a door and window. Cut the top, seed. Make a doll house. The shape is cut out on the side and used as a lantern. Fill up with water to make oversized ice.

5. The first stage of the game from

 . Children like to dress up. Put on old clothes and let them think of new ways to create clothing. They can create their own games, make scripts, and make stage and costumes with old clothes and cardboard boxes. Use pulp to make props, apply shampoo bottles, and use old sheets as curtains. Do puppet shows from socks.

Putting time and effort into recycling will create a unique bond for you and your child. When we actively participate in our children, they will become balanced and happy children, we can also enjoy them and let the children play.

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