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  1. Kevin Geaslin

    2019 and I'm just now seeing this video

  2. mark verberne

    heard this song a million times, never saw this clip.. amazing!

  3. Mal Galloway

    What a kick-ass tune and a real fucking rock band.

  4. 이정준

    한시대의 락의역사를담은 명작 10점

  5. Marquis SanCesarus Erwin-Kurt MEYER

    das wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n.n.s!!

  6. Marquis SanCesarus Erwin-Kurt MEYER

    LUNA  SUPRAVETZUIESHTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ash!

  7. Kayson & Rilee's Mommy

    Lmao… My girl Cassie and I use to rock out to this when we was in high school 🤘🏻👩🏻‍🎤😂

  8. this is khairul official


  9. ぱらいそ


  10. William Greeter

    I don’t understand where 22,000 dislikes come from I thought this was a good song

  11. Gold Anonymouz

    This video is oddly addictive to watch

  12. RellyOne


  13. Akasuna No Sasori

    Looking down the barrel of a hot metal 45

  14. flaviane kelly flavinha

    Red hot ….. Yahhhhhhhh

  15. Ihechi Nwankpa

    December, 2019. Old but gold.

  16. Kirsten A

    One of the best songs of all time.

  17. Dlonso

    Vocals: Tom Cruise
    Guitar: Jesus
    Bass: Wayne Rooney
    Drums: Will Ferrell

    Damnnn what a band

  18. Алексей Кореннов

    Чуваки жгутттт! Прикольно,! Поеду туда затусю!,! ! Норм чуваки !

  19. John Frusciante

    This is my favourite track.

  20. Bobby

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  21. Bobby

    2019(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (Vice) <—> (Truth & Facts) >—< (Vice) •—• http://www.vice.com •—• (South Park Studios) <—> (Truth & Facts) >—< (South Park Studios) •—• “Respect and dignity, 2019?”

  22. Nessuno Ok


  23. manuel larrey

    El "ole ole ole" es muy argento

  24. Elena Petrix

    I believe it's the best video that I've seen in my life

  25. Ariel

    Muito legal

  26. Flavio Pereira

    Muito bem bolado este clipe quê gosto da um laque oky por quê é coisas de outro mundo galáctico dó Rock oky

  27. yuri kirino

    Só não melhor que nirvana

  28. Raimundo Sousa

    Thank you Red Hot 🤘🤘

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