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  1. shiema.

    Who is she 0:43

  2. prince 98

    Who got click baited by yeeun's stare ✋

  3. infiresos ‵‵

    Isn't she the girl from psychometric kdrama? so she's also an idol?

  4. Tanaka


  5. BTS Black pink EXO

    1:10شنو اسمه

  6. lemon fairy

    well well do hana and ryu jooha😂😂❤️

  7. Jose Roa

    1:23 be like
    "I'm about to end this man's career."

  8. give me a name

    1:23 the way the lyrics fits 😂

  9. Jose Roa

    The thumbnail though 😂

  10. Mousy Mint

    What group is that girl group in front? Also the boys waving at the back.

  11. Sae Bommie

    What is the name of the girl mc🙂?

  12. u can see me anywhere in yt area

    wait that girl is absolutely gorg, the one who mouthed joy's "psycho" in the beginning.

  13. Rolen Hubahib

    Where's Siwoo and Kim Hana 😂

  14. Rolen Hubahib

    A-TEEN 😍

  15. ice princess

    0:41 and 0:44 name of the group?

  16. ice princess

    Who the male and female MC?

  17. gucci boy

    omg thats cute😂😂😭❤️ 1:24

  18. 堀北雪音

    Our Red Velvet are the best♥

  19. Life is Green

    Ye Eun gained some weight… So cute

  20. qhu liii

    0:42 who's this pretty lady and what group?

  21. ً

    o olhar que a yeeun fez pro bomin socorro KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  22. DvD 579


  23. one it


  24. one it


  25. one it

    everyone stan ans

  26. Dancing With Seyong

    1:24 that stare ready to kill him lol he was scared of that lol but when she saw that on screen she laughed out , cute

  27. Dancing With Seyong

    I'm loving this content
    Both of them so cute
    Bomin's so adorable awwww

  28. Jane kpop

    I came here not only for red velvet I came here because of the thumbnail too 😂💞
    Anyways congrats to our queens

  29. woww w

    Hahahahaha gemes

  30. MOHDY

    We almost witnessed a murder

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